How To File A Case In Consumer Court

We people are very well educated towards our consumer rights through Government Advertisements informative etc. but when we face some defect in product and try to use our one of the important right “RIGHT TO REDRESSES” . And when we try to file complaint the procedure of making complaint is so lengthy that we dosen’t […]

Social Networking and Games – Friends Or Foes?

In the present scenario with all the advent of technology, mobile phones are not only employed for communication purposes nonetheless they have also emerged as the multipurpose gadgets with advancement. There are many makers of cellphones in the open market and every brand name possesses its own reputation on the list of potential customers. The […]

Why This Kolaveri Di – Love The Sales Man

How many of us welcome a salesman with a smile or for that matter love or wait for the sales/ marketing calls on our mobile phones? I am sure there wouldn’t be a single person who do that. sales and marketing people are the most detestable species of mankind. But no business would ever sustain […]

How Can The Latest Technology Of Digital Marketing Play An Important Role In Today’s World?

From the last one or one and a half decade Digital Marketing places an important in the business management. Digital marketing today places an important role such as bread and butter of the business management. In every business world, digital marketing needs less to be paid and to be advertised in a large form i.e […]

A look on political management of India

Ever since India became a republic the political situation has always been highly dynamic and volatile. It’s been 64 years since India became a republic; at this juncture Indian political scenario is completely different in comparison to 1950. The first generation politicians of India were highly patriotic, compassionate and were bustling with high spirits for […]

4 Little Habits That Can Change Your Life

What your Morale things after Completing a task Successfully is more important. The Best thing is to Change Your Mindset & Eliminate all the Negative wives from your mind which becomes an obstacles for a Task Completion…  4  Little Habits That Can Change Your Life Develop positive thinking: Being Positive in your Work is just […]

Story Behind Sucessful Lijjat Papad

Everyone enjoys ‘rags to riches’ stories and everyone likes tales of stupendous success achieved through sheer determination.The story of Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad is all that and much more. Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad, popularly known as Lijjat , Almost every household eats papad of lijjat brand.It  is the india’s women cooperative […]

Women Entrepreneurs In India

Women Entrepreneurs are Women who think of business enterprise, initiate it, organize and combine the factors of production. nowadays with the changing trends Women Entrepreneurs has been recognized as an important source of economy growth. If we talk about current scenario women entrepreneurs are contributing 9.01 % of total 11.70%entrepreneurs. If you see the state […]

Finally Ambassador Car Got A Full Stop Over Production

Ambassador Car was manufactured by Hindustan Motors Of India since 1958. This car is indeed a legend of India Car Manufacturing but now with the low demand for the car and more expenses finally Hindustan Motors announced to shut down Ambassador car manufacturing on 25th May, 2014.  it was started in okha near gujrat and further […]

‘How To React in Depression And Be the Hero’ learn lessons From Aditya Tare, Mumbai Indians

Mumbai, If you are cricket lovers specially IPL followers then you maybe witnessed of the match happened during Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians, on 25th may 2014. we can say one of the epic match in the T20 cricket world. If we talk about glimpses of this match, Both teams were fightingfor last position in […]

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