Women Entrepreneurs In India

Women Entrepreneurs are Women who think of business enterprise, initiate it, organize and combine the factors of production. nowadays with the changing trends Women Entrepreneurs has been recognized as an important source of economy growth.

If we talk about current scenario women entrepreneurs are contributing 9.01 % of total 11.70%entrepreneurs. If you see the state of kerla the literacy rate and development for women entrepreneurs are much higher. Now we must say our women entrepreneurs are moved beyond 3P’s that is pickle, peeth and papad.

here are some women entrepreneurs which you all might know :

1. Smt. Yamutai Kirloskar

Yamutai Kirloskar came in front in order to develop the condition of women with the basic idea to have a business with the women expertise products that is papad and pickel manufacturing under Mahila Udyog Ltd. was a unique idea to provide employment to women in village.

2.  Smt.Sujatha Bhaskar

Smt.Sujatha Bhaskar is brilliant example of a woman entrepreneur who by sheer hard work and application has started a sophisticated unit for manufacture of carbide tipped brazed tools. She was fortunate to have Shri Bhasker as her husband who is a shop floor man and experienced in the line of carbide tipped brazed tools .

with her management abilities and enterprising nature she started a small unit, viz., M/s. Rupa engg. Works, 625, medahali, vigonargar, bangalore-49 for manufacturing carbide tipped brazed tools.

3.  Mrs. Jaywanti Popat

Mrs. Jayanti Popat was one of the self motivated and first Women Entrepreneur who married at the age of 7 years, and came in to the business at the age of 16 years. she started with small business called Export Orientation Unit (EOU).

4. SMT. Saroj Sharma

On successful completion of the one-month entrepreneurship development programme on food and Vegetable preservation by SISI karnal at NDRI karnal in march 1991, Smt. Saroj Sharma started ‘Swadist Vyanjan Center’ which gives training to the girls in cookery and vegetable and food preservation.

As a part of the training programmes, Shri T.R.Sehgal, Director, SISI karnal and his team at taken the participants around different units engaged in food and vegetable preservation give them tips in marketing. The participants, including Smt. Sharma, were later helped in introducing jam, jelly squash, pickles and murabbas in the market.

5. Miss Savita

Miss Savita is an example of a young lady entrepreneurship who was very keen to stand on her own feet by taking up a self- employment venture. She worked for some time as an accountant in various companies organised under the Nehru rozgar yojana. Miss Savita has assisted with a loan for Rs. 12000. she has since obtained good order for screen printing form public sectors like HMT, LIC, Bank and other institutions apart for individuals. She is even making wedding cards, greeting, cards also. She has paid back the bank installments; only one-third is outstanding. Small industries service institute, Bangalore is satisfied with the quality of their training programmes which are found use full for the self-employment programmes.

BBA.CO.IN salutes the efforts take by these Women Entrepreneurs. 🙂








3 responses to “Women Entrepreneurs In India”

  1. vishal thakur Avatar

    as usual , women entrepreneur play vital role for growth of rural area and economy so that, govt should take a few step to emerging power of women.

    1. TEAM BBA Avatar

      thank you vishal for your valuable comments 🙂

  2. Priya singh Avatar
    Priya singh

    just what i wanted ! thank you BBA team for sharing with us

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