Meet Entrepreneur Deepak Garde

Entrepreneurs are much needed for countries development. as per the Jospeh.A.Schumpter , ” Entrepreneur is an individual who introduces something new in the economy. it may be new method of production, a product, raw material or a new market.” specially in a case of a developing economy entrepreneur is one who starts an industry, undertakes risk, […]

Art Insurance: Protecting The Valuables

  ART INSURANCE Art needs to insured separately from ordinary contents. Only those things that can be replaced with reasonable ease can be insured with ordinary replacement value insurance. Art is not replaceable with reasonable ease. Art is unique and original. Each art or antique item needs to be listed carefully on the policy. Updated appraisals […]

Turnaround Management: Boon For Loss Making Units

In simple words turnaround refers to process of making sick unit into healthy unit. Turnaround management is the systematic and rapid implementation of a ranges of measures to correct a seriously unprofitable situation. It includes dealing with a financial disaster or measures to avoid the highly likely occurrence of such a disaster.  IMPORTANCE OF TURNAROUND […]

Indian Catering Is Improving Through Drone Delivery

Mumbai is one of the highest populated city in India. here most of he business are competing with each other in order to attract customers who are looking for better standard of living. this business competition is went on next level now fast food industry specially pizza outlet is planning to start pizza delivery through […]

The Science Behind Temple Bells

  Most of the old temples have large bell at the entrance of the temple and you need to ring it before you enter temple. A Temple bell have a scientific phenomena; it is not just your ordinary metal. It is made of various metals including cadmium, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium and manganese. The […]

Corporate Fact Behind Launching of NANO Car

Generally when we all discuss about tata nano launching scenario, we always get emotional. do you know the reason why ?   This is because you have learned or listen the story which tata company marketing experts planned to attract the customers. As per this story : It was a sunny day and Ratan Tata were travelling […]

Banking Sector : Future Booming Sector of India

Indian Banking sector is flourishing. due to which there are many job opportunity available for job seekers in banking sector. The Reserve Bank of India is planning to open up THE banking sector with new Private players set to be given licences, a lot of jobs will be created over the next few years. Banking […]

Importance of Entrepreneurship As A Subject

Entrepreneurship is an essential subject to study in BBA(Bachelor in Business Administration).Students who want to start their own venture and who have a definite vision and mission backed by leadership, interpersonal, right decision making and risk- bearing qualities should study entrepreneurship Student’s should not approach entrepreneurship as short-term goal but they should look at it […]

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