Story Behind Sucessful Lijjat Papad

Everyone enjoys ‘rags to riches’ stories and everyone likes tales of stupendous success achieved through sheer determination.The story of Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad is all that and much more. Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad, popularly known as Lijjat , Almost every household eats papad of lijjat brand.It  is the india’s women cooperative which is involved in manufacturing of various fast moving consumer know the main objective of this company was empowerment of women.It was just started with a borrowed capital of 80 bugs just 80 rupees in the year 1959 and it has tremendously gained profit if we take current years (2o14)  annual turnover of the company It is 300 crores or 3 billion and exports of the company is 100 million.

SMGULP_logoThe  history behind the famous lijat Papad co. is the dedication of 7 women from Mumbai those 7 pillars which made a Lijjat Papad company a profit making company and a foreign brand. These women lived in Lohana Niwas, a group of five buildings in Girgaon. They wanted to start a venture to create a sustainable livelihood using the only skill they had i.e. cooking.

Chaganlal Karamsi Parekh,  became their guide this was the person who gave 80 rs as a loan to these women for initiating their work of Papad making. Initially, the women were making two different qualities of Papads. Chaganlal advised them to make a standard Papad and asked them never to compromise on quality. He emphasized to them the importance of running it as a business enterprise and maintaining proper accounts.

Later on slowly and gradually the number of women expanded and profit of the company increased day by day currently it provides employment to 42000 women. Profit/loss are borne by all the 42000 member sisters. Lijjat Papad companies president won the business women of the  year at economic times has 63 branches,40 divisions Mumbai alone has 16 branches and 6 exports to US ,Singapore,UK,Thailand, Netherlands etc.we can say that decentralization of power takes place in this are given to the daughter of the member sisters (women who are working in Lijjat factory)

Success Factors of Lijjat Papad are :-index

  • informal working environment.
  • consistent quality of product.
  • make leaders out of ordinary women.


product range of Lijjat company  includes:-

  • papad
  • khakra
  • bakery products
  • chapati etc

The reason behind successful Lijjat Papad  co. is the quality of the product so the USP of the product is its quality,moreover strength of the women Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad (now onwards Lijjat) lies, among other things, in its ability to offer self-employment opportunities to women at all its 60 branches.i wish and hope more and more companies evolve which provides empowerment to women like Lijjat Papad company has did 🙂








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