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Ever since India became a republic the political situation has always been highly dynamic and volatile. It’s been 64 years since India became a republic; at this juncture Indian political scenario is completely different in comparison to 1950. The first generation politicians of India were highly patriotic, compassionate and were bustling with high spirits for the development of the country. They laid the foundation for our nation’s progress, so that now we are now able to breathe the sovereign air.

we might feel elated and happy about our first generation politicians, we are not in a situation to accept that the positive continuum exist now. We can very well appreciate this by observing the present social situation around us. Poverty, corruption, malnutrition, discrimination, scandal, etc. continue to prevail though there are constitutional tools to curb them.

The primary reason for this is that people of India reached a state of inertia in political participation since they did not foresee any threat to their sovereignty as a nation after independence. At the same time the people of India impulsively projected their “WE” feeling during the short wars with the neighboring countries of Pakistan and China. Since 1990s when India embarked on a journey towards open economy, the institutional structures for active political participation have started to increase, with the communication and internet technology catalyzing it.indian-politician1


Thus political management is the need of the hour in Indian scenario too because politics is slowly moving into the realm of professionalism with the entry of young parliamentarians like Thakur, Naveen Jindal, Sachin Pilot, etc.

We may not be able to strictly define political management as a new field in India because political gurus and consultants were actively playing their part even before this time. But the difference being they were emotionally attached to the political parties, candidates and their ideologies. In present day, political consultants need not emulate them ditto, because today political managers are specialists to aid the politicians in one particular area of politics. Thus they can pursue an active career in politics by being emotionally unattached too.


  • Financial Management –Politics today requires massive funding and expertise is required to raise such huge amounts.
  • Marketing Management – New media and internet has paved way for innovative ways of promotion and advertising political parties.
  • Strategy and Consulting –Statistical analysis of the voter base to devise optimal strategies can be the difference between success and failure.
  • Human Resource Management – Selection of party candidates for election amongst the diverse pool.


– Prasad Mane (I AM AUTHOR Contest Entry)

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