How Can The Latest Technology Of Digital Marketing Play An Important Role In Today’s World?

From the last one or one and a half decade Digital Marketing places an important in the business management. Digital marketing today places an important role such as bread and butter of the business management. In every business world, digital marketing needs less to be paid and to be advertised in a large form i.e with less pay it is possible for the people around the world to see the advertisement from  social media sites or through internet service.


There are few big differences in this time. Firstly, this time round it’s starting off with an adult mindset where people are looking for a change and want to look for an latest technology for promoting the company’s products or services in the Internet and digital media as part of marketing; and hoping that the old marketing ways would vanish away with the latest technologies that are been introduced into the marketing and which makes people simple for understanding of the company in a simpler manner without searching for more and to more know about the latest offers of companies.  Second, it’s starting off with a much larger base than five years ago. As per statistics, 60 per cent of all households have access to the Internet, close to half of those have access to broadband Internet, and therefore, they also tend to use Internet 12-14 hours a week. The third difference is that people are beginning to realise that the future is going to be impacted by digital marketing. So for instance, there’s a lot of interest in personal video recorders (PVRs) like Youtube etc. But it’s all about how consumers control their television. So it always have a track onto what kind of things do they expect from the company and in today’s world people are expecting to convey everything about the company through the social media. This is because today almost more than half of the people are the daily users of social media and they are been updated and accordingly they can plan for the various buys that they are planning for.

Customers now have endless online and off-line options for researching and buying new products and services, all at their fingertips 24/7. Under this scenario, digital channels no longer just represent “a cheaper way” to interact with customers; they are critical and important which also makes the customers to make shopping conveniently according to their time for executing whatever the customers want to do as the service by many of  the companies has the options of buying the products 24/7 and due to this the sale and the market share of the company can be increased.

Due to the latest technology the company needs to keep an eye on various aspects of the customers such as which are as follows

The company needs to make the social media whatever is been made by the company should be user friendly and should be made easy which would be user friendly and wherein the customers would be able to see the 360 degree aspects of the company in an better manner and to keep the people aware about the various things that the company is trying to provide to the customers in a better manner.

Design – The company needs to have an alternative model also so as to know as to how the company are viewing the company and to interact with their own customers because the world is rapidly changing in an never ending manner and the company do have various customers also who needs various things.

Due to digital marketing the customers do know the various offers and the advantages of the products or the services of the companies. So in this way the company can loose many of the customers. So it’s always important for the company to act accordingly so as to make the company run in a better way.

The three things—prioritizing the data; getting the right people from different functions to work together; and working on that rapid-cycle test and learn—are really what the company should try to drive towards them. If the company can build those muscles, we can apply that to whatever stuff digital’s going to throw your way. And there’s always going to be new digital stuff in this modernized world of technology.

In this way the latest technology of digital marketing through various social media sites etc are been used by the company so as to promote their own company and to make the company run in a better manner. Indeed this digital world is going to get more and more thing as the things do move on.

– Rinoj John ( I AM AUTHOR Contest Entry)



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  1. Juhi Avatar

    good one from the Rinoj

  2. anishaa Avatar

    Digital marketing : latest marketing strategy, nice article.

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      Thank you anisha for your valuable comment 🙂 keep a track on our amazing world of articles

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