The Perks Of Being An Introvert

Since the dawn of time, or to be more precise, since humans started to exist, we have tried to connect and communicate. We have tried to fit in with a particular group, trying to find kindred souls. And even though we try to convince ourselves that each of us is unique, there are broad classifications [...]

8 Ways To Improve Your Personality

    Personality is your thinking, feeling and behaviour that makes you unique from other person.  If we say that a person has a good personality we mean that they are people whi are pleasant and interesting. Your personality speaks whether people are attracted to you or they are away from you. To learn the ability [...]

How Should Teenagers Save Money?

    Many of the teens want to save money, it can be for any purpose like electronic gadgets, branded purses or watches etc. So if you have the money and the allowance from your parents you are free to buy yourself that brand or gadget for yourself.     Therefore to buy these luxury gadgets or [...]

Ways To Improve Your Attention

   Are you not being able to concentrate on your work assigned to you because of your distraction in other things? So here are few ways which can help you to improve your attention and focus at your work or studies. 1. Exercise - Better than a cup of coffee exercise can improve your attention [...]

Tricks To Improve Your Memory

   Is your brain taking a lot of stress, poor diet,  lack of sleep etc? So you don't need to have expensive prescriptions meditation or any medicinal procedures. So you just have to try these tricks to improve your memory. These are the following tricks - 1. Eat right - Make sure you eat what [...]

Why Is Education Really Important These Days?

    The term education is derived from the Latin word educate which means ' to bring up '. The aim of education is not only to give knowledge but to develop habits and attitudes with which students can successfully face their future without any difficulties. Education should become a  basic and social need in life [...]

8 Ways To Cope Up With Stress

   Stressed up looking at books..... Don't worry here are few solutions to overcome your stress. Here they are : 1. Have a healthy diet - You should always make sure you eat fresh fruits and veggies. Juices that give you vitamin c like oranges,lime and grapes etc which helps you to improve your immune [...]

6 Effective Ways To Build Self-Confidence

    Self confidence is a feeling which is unstoppable and feeling scared of your competitors. So Are you sacred or concern about yourself and loosing up self confidence?     Here are 6 tips to built your confidence between friends, teachers family etc. 1. Dress well - Clothes effects the way a man presents himself in [...]

Why You Need To Learn To Have A High Self-Esteem

   Why building and being able to maintain high self-esteem is important ? Here the reason's are as follows : 1. Life becomes easier - When you love yourself more than other things it becomes easier for you to face life.  Even if you have done a mistake you will not over react on it [...]

Corruption In Education

   Corruption is quite dangerous in education because it damages the present and future of  economical and social conditions of a country. It causes more problems in education managements rather then other sectors since the effects remains for a very long duration. Different forms of having corruption in education are - 1. Bribes given by [...]

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