Corruption In Education

   Corruption is quite dangerous in education because it damages the present and future of  economical and social conditions of a country.
It causes more problems in education managements rather then other sectors since the effects remains for a very long duration.

Different forms of having corruption in education are –

1. Bribes given by parents to the teacher’s for passing the students to the next class.

2. Teachers give bribes to the authorities for giving them promotions and transfers from one place to another.

3. If the children feel that their studying efforts are not counted they are facing competitions and favouritism and bribery.  They too get hook to pay bribes and buy all their degrees with a handsome amount of money.

4. Even the teachers who fail to teach well and turn up to be ‘ghost teacher’ also pay bribes to pass their degrees.

5. Distribution of examination papers sold on high cost by the teachers to the students involves cheating as its a part of corruption.

Ways to fight back with corruption in education-

1.  Corruption is difficult to fight with when one of the country citizen’s tries to follow human rights and laws.

2. Corruption can only be fought together by all the citizen’s of the country.

3. The higher authorities of the schools, colleges and institutes should form strict rules and regulations.

4. The students parents shouldn’t support the students for their wrong doings.

5. All countries should follow strict rules and punish all students as well a high authorities and teachers who follow the way of corruption into their success.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University







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