6 Effective Ways To Build Self-Confidence

    Self confidence is a feeling which is unstoppable and feeling scared of your competitors. So Are you sacred or concern about yourself and loosing up self confidence?

    Here are 6 tips to built your confidence between friends, teachers family etc.

1. Dress well –
Clothes effects the way a man presents himself in front of others though people do not judge you on your clothes but to keep up yourself confidence in front of others make it a point of having a shower, wearing clean clothes etc. To make yourself look fresh and convincing.

2.Quick walk –
A quicker way of judging a person is on their walk. If the person’s walk is to pale and lauzy the person is too lazy but when a person walks faster then people think they are too active in their works and have to meet to many people.

3. Proper posture –
Dressing depends on how you pick yourself in front of people and holding aproper posture impresses people. Standing up straight, keeping up your head will make a positive impression on people. So it is necessary to hold good body posture.

4. Personal confidence –
Personal confidence comes from listening to great speakers unfortunately you really get few chances of listening to great speakers. So you should write a 1min or 2mins speech about your ambition or goals and stand in front of the mirror reading it aloud to increase your confidence.

5.Compliment others –
When we talk behind a persons back or discourage a person its not less than an insult to them. So to break this chain of negativity try to compliment others in a positive way and holding a good attitude towards them.

6. Be courageous to speak up –
Whenever there is any kind of group discussions try and speak up because many of us doubt are views and imaginations to place them in front of others to avoid them laughing on their thoughts. But maybe if you speak some points prove to be true so you should be courageous enough to speak among people.

Therefore these are the tips that you should hold to built your confidence.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University






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