Surviving The Solitary

We all have those days, once in a while, when all our friends/family are busy. You don't have anybody to hangout with nor do you have any work to tend to. In such scenarios, most of us socially active people would just stare at the screen and wait for few notifications to pop up. Well, [...]

Little Known Facts About Child Labour

       Child labour is the practice of having children engage in economic activity on part, or full time basis. The child labour (prohibition and regulation) Act, 1986 is one of the most debated acts regarding children in India. It has extensively enlisted the scenarios regarding where and when a child can be legally employed. [...]


                Yes, you read it right; Men Empowerment!  The last few years have seen so much of women empowerment activities, that we have reached a point where the men of India need empowering. Women centric movies, serials, books, activities, etc. have seen so much light lately that it has got me wondering, "is it really [...]

Finding The Right Balance Between Being Religious And Being Practical

It recently came to my observation that whenever I do something good, my parents credit God but when I do something bad, it's because of MY wrong doings. This is just one of the hypocrisy associated with the mirage of godly miracles. I am a firm believer of karma. I am of the opinion that [...]

Struggles Of A Football Fan During ICC World Cup

            The much hyped Indo-Pak cricket match was held last week in Adelaide. My social media feed was blown up with people excited for the religious sporting event. Every channel of communication that I encountered that day, was used to give live updates about the score. In the midst of the chaotic frenzy, that cricket [...]

Indian Reality Television

Necessity is the mother of invention. It is this desperation that has led to the rise of reality television in our country. In the absence of good fiction shows, one has no other alternative than to switch to reality television, which has seen a tremendous rise in the past decade.             Being a 90s kid, [...]

The Seven Deadly Sins

  At the right time and right place, every man is capable of doing anything. This statement reflects that every person has an untapped potential that is waiting to find its release. It just needs the right catalyst to reveal or prove himself. More often than not, these catalysts make us do things that were [...]

The Importance Of Self-Reflection

When I was an 8 year old kid, I would cry to my parents to take me out with them wherever they went.  Ten years later, I cry to my parents to go without me so that I can be alone for a while. There are also instances when I skip meeting my acquaintances to [...]

Advertising Phenomenon, A Brief Review

The field of advertising has always been surrounded by controversies. The debate of ethical advertisement was, and is, open ended. There will always be some portion of a society who will label an advertisement as bold and outspoken, whereas some consider them unnecessary and lewd. This debate can be extended to the topic in question [...]

Report of ‘MASTERMINDS’ Interacollegiate & Intercollegiate Fest zero gravity – 2014-2015.

This year students of Commerce Association ‘MASTER MINDS’ organized an intercollegiate fest ‘ZERO GRAVITY’ with the tagline ‘Nothing can bring us down’ based on the theme of ‘ESPIRIT THE CORPS’ on 25th July 2014. The fest was powered by Green World, Maya’s Salon and Academy & Shirdi Sai Pest Control with the media association of [...]

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