Tricks To Improve Your Memory

   Is your brain taking a lot of stress, poor diet,  lack of sleep etc? So you don’t need to have expensive prescriptions meditation or any medicinal procedures. So you just have to try these tricks to improve your memory.
These are the following tricks –

1. Eat right –
Make sure you eat what is right since that effects your memory. Choose d right meal for yourself like eating fresh veggies, pulses, eggs, fish containing omega 3, cereals, fresh fruits etc. So this brings a good impact on memory.

2. Exercise –
Exercise is the must for bringing an improvement in your memory. It brings in freshness and makes you feel lively so that your mind is vacant to study and memorize different concepts.

3. Good sleep –
Researchers say that many of the people brains development takes place at night when  a person falls asleep. So it is necessary for all working people and students to sleep early and rise up early. So that your mind is fresh to learn and remember new subjects.

4. Brain Games –
If you don’t tackle your brains by playing brain games your brains will start to deteriorate. Brain Games is one way where you challenge your brains. So to keep your brains alert always keep a hook in playing brain games.

5. Try learning new lessons –
When you learn new lessons your mind starts memorizing new concepts and starts learning new values.

  Apply these tricks and find the improvements in your memory.





Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University







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