8 Ways To Cope Up With Stress

   Stressed up looking at books….. Don’t worry here are few solutions to overcome your stress. Here they are :

1. Have a healthy diet –
You should always make sure you eat fresh fruits and veggies. Juices that give you vitamin c like oranges,lime and grapes etc which helps you to improve your immune system should be consumed by you. Do you best in avoiding junk food like pizza, burgers and frankly etc.

2. Meditation –
Meditation helps you to have peace of mind and body. If not meditation but atleast keep silence 10min so that your stress level reduces.

3. Sleep –
Sleep is necessary for us to reduce the stress level and manage it. Failing to switch off your electronic gadgets will get you more and more stress so to avoid having lots of stress sleep atleast for 20-30 min.

4. Be positive –
Try to learn from your mistakes rather than taking tension and getting stressed up. After something wrong happening try to see the good side of the issue.

5. Listen to music –
Listening to music can help you to calm down and change the state of your mind but if you are really feeling stressed put on some calm music and start up your work.

6. Quit smoking –
Many people say that smoking helps you reduce stress. But researchers on the European Board for Research on nicotine and tobacco suggest that nicotine suppresses the hormone serotonin. Another way to quite smoking.

7. Laughing –
Laughing is the best medicine to fight back stress. Laughing out loud helps you to breathe in oxygen well and circulate blood continuously through the body.

8. Take breaks –
Studying and working continuously causes you high amount of stress. So the solution to reduce this kind of stress is that you take short  breaks after every hour so that your mind is refreshed to start up your world again or a new lesson.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University






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