What is a brand? – Advertising 101 – Concept Video

What is a brand? – Advertising 101 – Concept Video

Gayatri Thampi in this short video takes us through “What is a brand?” as a part of her Advertising 101 – Concept Video Series


A Message From The Earth

These past few months have ushered in a lot of good news on the space front and ISRO is being hailed to be a national success. If there’s anything that united Indians after cricket then it was the triumph of launching MOM and wrapping it up in a petite little package of just Rs 450 crore. But there was another news that caught my eye admist the horde of space front victories. It was to do with a mission launched in 1977. Yes, ISRO does win this round but we need to appreciate the thought and efforts put in by NASA way back in the years when India did not even have a proper space program. NASA’s twin voyager probes, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, that are the longest continuously operating spacecrafts in deep space today garnered a lot interest when news of Voyager 1 successfully left the solar system in August 2012.

Hurtling around in interstellar space, Voyager 1 is the farthest man-made object to explore space beyond the solar system. This mission has been providential to science and humankind alike. It has been credited with the discovery of 22 new satellites on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, the discovery of rings on Jupiter and auroral zones on the former three planets. But these technological advancements and increased knowledge of space bodies is not why I am writing this article. It is to familiarize people with The Golden Record, a phonographic record attached to each probe. Carl Sagan was given the heavy responsibility of choosing a format and recording a message from the inhabitants of the Earth for the extra-terrestrials out there. And the end result was a spectacular amalgamation of images, music and greetings representing the mankind mélange of cultures, languages and beliefs. What made this record so beautiful was the idea at the core which aimed at targeting both the audiences, the one inhabiting Earth and the mysterious little green men. What started out as a simple introduction in 25 different languages turned out to be the one record that defined the human race.

‘The Sounds of Earth’ as it was titled consisted of some of the greatest music of the time, a photo gallery of our planet and its inhabitants and a sound recording of the natural and technological sounds on Earth. The seemingly inconsequential part of the Voyager project turned out to be the defining constituent of the mission. The fact that the spacecraft consisted of a message for an alien civilization broke out and people were mystified as to what exactly would someone select to represent an entire population of the largest intelligent animal species on Earth. So this proved to be an important landmark in the history of mankind. We not only started to believe that we were not alone in this giant cosmic space but we believed it enough to send a message in hopes that someday, just some day, an alien civilization will find the message and finally put all doubts to rest as to if there is life anywhere else in the universe. Humans have always tried to find ways to stay together, to find comfort in each other and this was just a step towards trying to solve one of the greatest mysteries of all times.

So think about it, in a time far away, the cold metallic craft reaches the outskirts of an alien city and those tiny green men stare agape at what it could be. And while it may all sound good, both the possibilities sound terrible. We might just be alone in this universe or maybe, just maybe there is someone out there. People with lives like us and with the same emotional interludes. So when you ask yourself as to whether our race has crossed the final frontier you can now answer easily. Yes, we have.



Chandana Rao

Idler, bibliophile, side-spectator, day dreamer and an engineering student trying to find something she is good at. An average girl with high hopes and even bigger ambitions. 

Amazing Ways To Give Effective Feedback

   The responsibility of a teacher and a manager is to nuture their students and employees to provide feedbacks in such a way that he or she shouldn’t leave in an insulted manner.
Here are 5 amazing ways to give an effective feedback.

1. Educative in nature –
Giving your students or employees explanation about their matter which could be correct or incorrect. The feedback should be done educational basis so that next time they don’t repeat their faults again.

2. Right time –
Feedback should be given at the right time so that the students or employees take the feedback in a positive way and they remember their mistakes and don’t repeat them again. But if the feedback is given too late they don’t remember their mistakes and they tend to repeat their mistakes again. So try and give the feedback at the right time.

3. Skill and Knowledge –
You should posses more of the skills and knowledge about the service and the products that employees or students will be giving to the people. Information given in the feedback to the people should be effective and knowledgeable so that they can remember that always.

4. Verbally,  non-verbally or in written form –
Feedback can be given in many ways verbally and non-verbally, but its good because your practising your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Even body language and gestures are the sign of non-verbal communication. It can also be given in a written form so that you remember your improvements and achievements.

5. Be genuine when you praise  –
Students or employees are much more effected depending on your praises ‘ Good work ‘ or ‘ Nice Job ‘ are not enough for you to praise because they make these words meaningless so becarfull when you praise them.

    Apply these amazing ways in your feedback so that it helps you to improve your language, learn more skills, increase you knowledge and  ability to achieve more and get better.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

The Perks Of Being An Introvert

Since the dawn of time, or to be more precise, since humans started to exist, we have tried to connect and communicate. We have tried to fit in with a particular group, trying to find kindred souls. And even though we try to convince ourselves that each of us is unique, there are broad classifications for different personality types. And this article is going to focus on one such sector, The Introverts. Shy and quiet, these people tend to merge with the background. The dictionary describes the introvert as a reticent person who is predominantly engrossed in his own thoughts and feelings and does not care for the external world. Even though the description is spot-on, that is not all that encompasses an introvert.

I found an interesting quote on introverts the other day and I couldn’t help but include it. “We’re the pew-sitters that watch the preachers perform. We’re the backstage bunch that makes the actors shine. We’re the Tesla’s that give the Edison’s the spotlight.” What better way to describe a bunch of people that form a crucial crux of the human kind. Popular culture might have led us to believe that extroverts enjoy all the attention and lead easier lives, but it is about time we appreciate the solitary wallflowers.

Introverts are good observers. Since they value quiet and peace, more often than not, these people tend to be tranquil waters. Tranquil but deep. They are good judges of character and it is generally a bad idea to lie to these people for they have spidey-senses that speak out to them. They are also conscientious listeners. They do not like to talk much and will be happy to listen and absorb their surroundings. Introverts are the human embodiment of a mitochondria. They can self-recharge. They don’t need to mingle with the crowd or put themselves out there. They gain energy in solitude. And I believe that it is when you are alone with your thoughts, self-introspecting, that you find the real you. Understanding yourself and being self-aware is an important ideal that many people fail to achieve. For an introvert, finding themselves in the middle of a train of thoughts is easier. Introverts tend to be creative geniuses. Their noisier counterparts often drown out their voices but if you take the time to listen to an introvert you’ll usually stumble upon some intriguing ideas. Their opinions are unconventional and come from the deep recesses of their beautiful minds. Introverts also turn out to be great friends. Yes they don’t have a huge friend circle but they are happy with a few really close friends. You can be rest assured that an introvert will always be there for you. Sometimes with good advice, sometimes as good listeners and sometimes you might even discover their wild sides!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Not being an extrovert guarantees that you don’t need to fake anything. No meaningless conversations or parties, no trying to please and fit in the society and no trying to bow down to peer pressure. An introvert can always turn inwards and find strength. For after all, it’s all about finding the calm in the chaos. Introverts are also logical people. They take time to think things through clearly and usually consider all possible aspects to a situation before deciding. Also, since these type of people love to spend their time alone reading books or watching movies or just assimilating knowledge as such, they are usually intellectually sound. I could keep analyzing and whip up better-written verses in praise for introverts but I think I covered the basics.

So here’s to the social misfits, the calm and the composed, the people who would much rather be the lone wolfs than lead a pack. Be happy that you are part of a selective crowd that are the philosophers, the thinkers and the doers.



Chandana Rao

Idler, bibliophile, side-spectator, day dreamer and an engineering student trying to find something she is good at. An average girl with high hopes and even bigger ambitions. 

8 Ways To Improve Your Personality

    Personality is your thinking, feeling and behaviour that makes you unique from other person.  If we say that a person has a good personality we mean that they are people whi are pleasant and interesting. Your personality speaks whether people are attracted to you or they are away from you. To learn the ability of how to improve your personality in the way you want is yo develop it properly first.

    Here are some ways were you can learn to improve your personality.

1. Be a good listener –
To improve your personality it is necessary to speak less and listen more to the speaker. You should pay your full attention to what the speaker is trying to convey from his message.

2. Increase your interest in read a lot –
Increasing your interest in reading good knowledgeable books helps you to polish your English and grammar as they make you aware of speaking good English.

3. Have a good conversation –
Try to have a meaningful conversation with your employees or colleagues since you may get to know and learn things of what you are not aware of.

4. Make new friends –
Meet new people and make them your friends so that you create a good image among them and brings an increase in your knowledge.

5. Be positive –
Always be positive in whatever decision you make but think positive about that decision so that it brings up a good effect that gains you success in your business or in your firm.

6. Be what you are –
Don’t try to be something that others are be what you are so that you don’t create problems for yourself and others.

7. Take opinion –
If your at a managers post in your firm take opinion of your employees so that your thoughts as well as theirs merge together and brings up a good outcome for your firm. By taking opinion from someone less experienced to you doesn’t put you low but helps you to learn and gain respect.

8. Be fun loving –
Everyone likes the company of the people who are fun loving and keep themselves smiling and laughing always. People are not attracted to those whose are dull and negative.

      Therefore, we have to have the ability to shape our personalities however we wish to. When we develop ourselves to be all that we can be happy and share our happiness will others as well.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

How Should Teenagers Save Money?

    Many of the teens want to save money, it can be for any purpose like electronic gadgets, branded purses or watches etc. So if you have the money and the allowance from your parents you are free to buy yourself that brand or gadget for yourself.
    Therefore to buy these luxury gadgets or anything else that you require for yourself. Here are some tips yo save your pocket money.

1. Figure out your income –
    Find out how much money you earn per month or week. So that it fits in your budget to buy your specific want.

2. Cut down your spendings –
    After you get to know your savings try to cut down unnecessary spending i.e eating from canteen, spending money on travelling in rickshaw etc.

3. Find various opportunities to make money –
    To fulfil what you want along with cutting down your expenses.  Try for a job, give tutions to neighbouring children, sell away your junk waste(books,newspapers etc).

4. Extra work –
    Try to find out time from your work so that you be able to do extra work N make more money for yourself.

5. Create a budget –
    Get an amount of money that you have to spent each month on the item desired by you. Don’t buy something that goes beyond your budget.

6. Put all your money you save in the bank or in  a box –
    Assure yourself that you don’t get tempted to waste money on unwanted things. Have a bank account to save your money.

And Finally, buy whatever you wish to buy for yourself.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

Ways To Improve Your Attention

   Are you not being able to concentrate on your work assigned to you because of your distraction in other things? So here are few ways which can help you to improve your attention and focus at your work or studies.

1. Exercise –
Better than a cup of coffee exercise can improve your attention level. Thinking how?
Because the brains activates some chemicals that helps to increase your focus and memory power. So try yourself few workouts and playing habits before you have to pay attention on your work or assignments.

2. Drink a lot of liquid –
Make sure that you consume a lots of water cause its said that lady should atleast consume 9 cups a day and a man 12 cups to improve your attention level. Therefore consume water or any Juices etc.

3. Set a single objective –
Set a small and a single objective for yourself so that it does not get difficult for you to plan it, whereas when you have multiple works to do you normally tend to mix your work and that brings up a bad outcome. Hence to avoid this set a simple and a singular goal.

4. Take small steps –
To take or make decisions think twice before you take any steps, but see to it that you don’t try to take a big step to accomplish your goal cause maybe you may take a wrong step. So to achieve your goal take small and thoughtful steps.

5. Don’t think about unwanted topics –
When you try to complete your work assigned and you require high concentration. So you should avoid thinking the topics that has been taken place in your house, society etc.

So try these tips and improve your attention in studies or at work.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

Tricks To Improve Your Memory

   Is your brain taking a lot of stress, poor diet,  lack of sleep etc? So you don’t need to have expensive prescriptions meditation or any medicinal procedures. So you just have to try these tricks to improve your memory.
These are the following tricks –

1. Eat right –
Make sure you eat what is right since that effects your memory. Choose d right meal for yourself like eating fresh veggies, pulses, eggs, fish containing omega 3, cereals, fresh fruits etc. So this brings a good impact on memory.

2. Exercise –
Exercise is the must for bringing an improvement in your memory. It brings in freshness and makes you feel lively so that your mind is vacant to study and memorize different concepts.

3. Good sleep –
Researchers say that many of the people brains development takes place at night when  a person falls asleep. So it is necessary for all working people and students to sleep early and rise up early. So that your mind is fresh to learn and remember new subjects.

4. Brain Games –
If you don’t tackle your brains by playing brain games your brains will start to deteriorate. Brain Games is one way where you challenge your brains. So to keep your brains alert always keep a hook in playing brain games.

5. Try learning new lessons –
When you learn new lessons your mind starts memorizing new concepts and starts learning new values.

  Apply these tricks and find the improvements in your memory.





Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University


Why Is Education Really Important These Days?

    The term education is derived from the Latin word educate which means ‘ to bring up ‘. The aim of education is not only to give knowledge but to develop habits and attitudes with which students can successfully face their future without any difficulties. Education should become a  basic and social need in life of human’s. If the old generation has not prospered in their learning than the young generation should continue their education as well as set an example for the comming generation expressing how important it is to be highly educated.

    Education benefits an individual in many ways. They are as follows:

1) Education helps a person by giving them extreme knowledge about a particular concept.

2) Through education we get to know about the latest happenings around us.

3) When a person is literate there are no chances of another person cheating them in any way.

4) Education given formally or informally both is beneficial for an individual in some or the other way.

5) It helps a person to get rid of their  financial problems.

6) Education brings in maturity  in an individual  where they analyse whats right and wrong for them, their family and future.

   Education also benefits the country in many ways. They are as follows :

1) The rate of illiterate people gets less and the economy of the country starts increasing.

2) Poverty among the people starts reducing.

3) The country infrastructure and knowledge of accepting new technology also increases.

4) Due to the increase in education the country prospers and excels in all activities.

5) Education makes people aware of all good values so the crimes happening in the country gets reduced.

   Therefore, every individual of a country should make efforts to get highly educated so that it improves the country in all possible ways.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University


8 Ways To Cope Up With Stress

   Stressed up looking at books….. Don’t worry here are few solutions to overcome your stress. Here they are :

1. Have a healthy diet –
You should always make sure you eat fresh fruits and veggies. Juices that give you vitamin c like oranges,lime and grapes etc which helps you to improve your immune system should be consumed by you. Do you best in avoiding junk food like pizza, burgers and frankly etc.

2. Meditation –
Meditation helps you to have peace of mind and body. If not meditation but atleast keep silence 10min so that your stress level reduces.

3. Sleep –
Sleep is necessary for us to reduce the stress level and manage it. Failing to switch off your electronic gadgets will get you more and more stress so to avoid having lots of stress sleep atleast for 20-30 min.

4. Be positive –
Try to learn from your mistakes rather than taking tension and getting stressed up. After something wrong happening try to see the good side of the issue.

5. Listen to music –
Listening to music can help you to calm down and change the state of your mind but if you are really feeling stressed put on some calm music and start up your work.

6. Quit smoking –
Many people say that smoking helps you reduce stress. But researchers on the European Board for Research on nicotine and tobacco suggest that nicotine suppresses the hormone serotonin. Another way to quite smoking.

7. Laughing –
Laughing is the best medicine to fight back stress. Laughing out loud helps you to breathe in oxygen well and circulate blood continuously through the body.

8. Take breaks –
Studying and working continuously causes you high amount of stress. So the solution to reduce this kind of stress is that you take short  breaks after every hour so that your mind is refreshed to start up your world again or a new lesson.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University