Amazing Ways To Give Effective Feedback

   The responsibility of a teacher and a manager is to nuture their students and employees to provide feedbacks in such a way that he or she shouldn’t leave in an insulted manner.
Here are 5 amazing ways to give an effective feedback.

1. Educative in nature –
Giving your students or employees explanation about their matter which could be correct or incorrect. The feedback should be done educational basis so that next time they don’t repeat their faults again.

2. Right time –
Feedback should be given at the right time so that the students or employees take the feedback in a positive way and they remember their mistakes and don’t repeat them again. But if the feedback is given too late they don’t remember their mistakes and they tend to repeat their mistakes again. So try and give the feedback at the right time.

3. Skill and Knowledge –
You should posses more of the skills and knowledge about the service and the products that employees or students will be giving to the people. Information given in the feedback to the people should be effective and knowledgeable so that they can remember that always.

4. Verbally,  non-verbally or in written form –
Feedback can be given in many ways verbally and non-verbally, but its good because your practising your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Even body language and gestures are the sign of non-verbal communication. It can also be given in a written form so that you remember your improvements and achievements.

5. Be genuine when you praise  –
Students or employees are much more effected depending on your praises ‘ Good work ‘ or ‘ Nice Job ‘ are not enough for you to praise because they make these words meaningless so becarfull when you praise them.

    Apply these amazing ways in your feedback so that it helps you to improve your language, learn more skills, increase you knowledge and  ability to achieve more and get better.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University






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