The Perks Of Being An Introvert

Since the dawn of time, or to be more precise, since humans started to exist, we have tried to connect and communicate. We have tried to fit in with a particular group, trying to find kindred souls. And even though we try to convince ourselves that each of us is unique, there are broad classifications for different personality types. And this article is going to focus on one such sector, The Introverts. Shy and quiet, these people tend to merge with the background. The dictionary describes the introvert as a reticent person who is predominantly engrossed in his own thoughts and feelings and does not care for the external world. Even though the description is spot-on, that is not all that encompasses an introvert.

I found an interesting quote on introverts the other day and I couldn’t help but include it. “We’re the pew-sitters that watch the preachers perform. We’re the backstage bunch that makes the actors shine. We’re the Tesla’s that give the Edison’s the spotlight.” What better way to describe a bunch of people that form a crucial crux of the human kind. Popular culture might have led us to believe that extroverts enjoy all the attention and lead easier lives, but it is about time we appreciate the solitary wallflowers.

Introverts are good observers. Since they value quiet and peace, more often than not, these people tend to be tranquil waters. Tranquil but deep. They are good judges of character and it is generally a bad idea to lie to these people for they have spidey-senses that speak out to them. They are also conscientious listeners. They do not like to talk much and will be happy to listen and absorb their surroundings. Introverts are the human embodiment of a mitochondria. They can self-recharge. They don’t need to mingle with the crowd or put themselves out there. They gain energy in solitude. And I believe that it is when you are alone with your thoughts, self-introspecting, that you find the real you. Understanding yourself and being self-aware is an important ideal that many people fail to achieve. For an introvert, finding themselves in the middle of a train of thoughts is easier. Introverts tend to be creative geniuses. Their noisier counterparts often drown out their voices but if you take the time to listen to an introvert you’ll usually stumble upon some intriguing ideas. Their opinions are unconventional and come from the deep recesses of their beautiful minds. Introverts also turn out to be great friends. Yes they don’t have a huge friend circle but they are happy with a few really close friends. You can be rest assured that an introvert will always be there for you. Sometimes with good advice, sometimes as good listeners and sometimes you might even discover their wild sides!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Not being an extrovert guarantees that you don’t need to fake anything. No meaningless conversations or parties, no trying to please and fit in the society and no trying to bow down to peer pressure. An introvert can always turn inwards and find strength. For after all, it’s all about finding the calm in the chaos. Introverts are also logical people. They take time to think things through clearly and usually consider all possible aspects to a situation before deciding. Also, since these type of people love to spend their time alone reading books or watching movies or just assimilating knowledge as such, they are usually intellectually sound. I could keep analyzing and whip up better-written verses in praise for introverts but I think I covered the basics.

So here’s to the social misfits, the calm and the composed, the people who would much rather be the lone wolfs than lead a pack. Be happy that you are part of a selective crowd that are the philosophers, the thinkers and the doers.



Chandana Rao

Idler, bibliophile, side-spectator, day dreamer and an engineering student trying to find something she is good at. An average girl with high hopes and even bigger ambitions. 






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