Report of ‘MASTERMINDS’ Interacollegiate & Intercollegiate Fest zero gravity – 2014-2015.

This year students of Commerce Association ‘MASTER MINDS’ organized an intercollegiate fest ‘ZERO GRAVITY’ with the tagline ‘Nothing can bring us down’ based on the theme of ‘ESPIRIT THE CORPS’ on 25th July 2014. The fest was powered by Green World, Maya’s Salon and Academy & Shirdi Sai Pest Control with the media association of […]

Corporate Scenario Of Micro Small Medium Enterprises

World-wide, Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have been accepted as the engine of economic growth and for promoting equitable development. Now, with the Narendra Modi – led NDA government at the center, expectations are naturally running high. It is the time to fulfill the same. MSME sector occupies an important position in the country’s industrial […]

Etymology Of “Business”

There was a helter -skelter situation in my mind when i read that there was hotel business started by 22 year old in mumbai for vegetarians.A 22 year old doing business it was such an astonished moment for me at that time.For a hotel business what did he required, a perfect ambiance,a good gourmet,some really […]

The Nitty-Gritty of a ‘Business Organisation’

You work hard so that you can have a beautiful house , car and all the luxuries in life. But what if you have a wonderful idea and an urge to do something big?? Start a business!! You are your own boss –doing your own thing , setting your own priorities. But does anyone know […]

Unity at Team Work

    We are quite familiar with this word. And I am m very sure many of us have been through it atleast once in our life. Right from children to adults everyone has done or been a part of team work. Playing teams, doing projects, assignments everything is included in team work. All our institutions […]

Business Management

Every business organization aims at earning maximum profit and setting up a sound reputation in the corporate world. A business entity always wants that its organization runs smoothly and successfully. The only way to achieve this goal and be successful is through proper “Business Management”.          There are many things required to run a business successfully. […]

Business Unity

 God created the universe. The universe includes all the living organisms. We human beings are his best creation. A human being or a human body is the most adorable and unique example of efficient functioning. Each cell,each tissue,each organ plays a vital role.The synchronization existing in our body runs our life.        Business […]

Cult Brands

Iconic brands can seldom be brands of a functional nature. They have to be either in look-good or feel-good category. Thus such brands appeal to aspirants or are the lifestyle-driven.  They appeal to people with a certain set of values or attitude. Brands do not achieve cult status by sales. For that, they have to […]

The Other Side Of Business

An idea probably or an intricate dream,  a  source of inspiration or the need of the hour.  Millions of causes for what lead you towards the pathway of this exquisite field of human intelligence  where trust ,  loyalty , fortitude , valour and any other conspicuous virtue is put to a test  we pronounce it  […]

‘Will and Right Attitude Is What Your HR Is Expecting’ An Interview With Bikas Munshi, Owner Your Khushi HR consultancy

Brief about company : Your Khushi team are group of Corporates with more than 35 years of corporate experience in different sectors (Compiled Together) their management team consists of Industry Veterans and Well Read Individuals. YOURKHUSHI Helps candidate publish his candidature and get his dream job. Name : Bikas Munshi Designation : Owner company : your […]

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