Unity at Team Work

    We are quite familiar with this word. And I am m very8_Teamwork sure many of us have been through it atleast once in our life. Right from children to adults everyone has done or been a part of team work. Playing teams, doing projects, assignments everything is included in team work. All our institutions be it schools, colleges, offices, companies and even our very own family works on team work efforts. We need the contribution from each member of the team.

     in a team we have to be patient with all the members, and have a friendly behaviour with all the members. Most importantly we should not look down on anyone or anyone’s ideas. We as a group need to respect each ones contribution and ideas. In a team when we work together it enchances and contributes to the development of each of its members. When people work together they get know each other’s ideas and skills as well as learn the techniques of the people we work with. Team work needs sharing of ideas from every member. As a team we need to share our knowledge rather than keeping it safe in our own brains. It’s well said, “knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied.”

   our country itself works as a result of the team work.from government to people each of them having their own contributions to develop the country. Team is rightly defined as together everyone achieves more. Success is always there when the team works the best. Efforts put by the team is always more fruitful as compared to an individual work, because team divides the task and multiplies the success.

  best example of team work are the bees’s in the honey comb. Each bee contributes one drop but together all bees produce the sweetest thing in the world.

– Renita Alva

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