Business Unity

 God created the universe. The universe includes all the living organisms. We human beings are his best creation. A human being or a human body is the most adorable and unique example of efficient functioning. Each cell,each tissue,each organ plays a vital role.The synchronization existing in our body runs our life.

       Business is also somewhat similar to the human body. Each component of the business is like each organ of our body. None of the components can be avoided. Each of it has its own importance. In business, management plays the role of the heart and unity takes up the actions of the nervous system. So, one can easily make out how important management and unity is in the functioning of a business. Business, management and unity are connected with an invisible but unbreakable bond.

       Business is an organisation which is involved in the trade of goods and services. It is conducted in order to earn profit. In India business is a major platform for employment. Just as the heart takes care of the efficient functioning of our body, management looks after the effective operation of the business. Efficient management can help to bring a business to the zenith of glory. But management alone is not enough, unity also plays a despicable role in the functioning of a business. Just as the nervous system maintains stability in the human body, unity helps the business to function in a quick and useful rhythm.

       Management can be compared to motherhood. As a mother watches over each and every step taken by her child, the managers watch over each and every action of the business. Just as a mother nurtures her baby right from the point when it is just a small seed in her womb,  the managers look after the growth of the business. Just as a mother judges what is good and what is bad for her child, the managers try to protect the business from future threats and leads it to further profits.

       “United we stand, Divided we fall” is a really old saying, but the truth which it proclaims can never be denied. A business might achieve a lot of glory, it might have the best managers and employees but a single traitor in the organization can make it fall at a rapid rate. Hence it is necessary to keep everyone united in a business organization. It is true that each individual has his own perspective but unity comes into picture when all these perspectives are sculpted as one for the greater good. This can be done only through the sincere efforts of each and every member of the organization.

         The above mentioned characteristics and comparisons help us to get a clear picture about how business,management and unity go hand in hand. One should understand that business will be like a barren land without management and unity. So these are unavoidable components of a business,which one should always keep in mind.

– Bhagya Jacob, Mulund College Of Commerce

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