Etymology Of “Business”

There was a helter -skelter situation in my mind when i read that there was hotel business started by 22 year old in mumbai for vegetarians.A 22 year old doing business it was such an astonished moment for me at that time.For a hotel business what did he required, a perfect ambiance,a good gourmet,some really perfect chefs was that all he needed?
successful-business-strategiesMy answer is a big NO ? You know why because he required planning, management,innovations, technololgies etc..A business is incomplete without all these components.Business really doesn’t mean buying and selling of good but The etymology of “business” stems from the idea of being busy, and implies socially valuable and rewarding workness.It really means what the consumer or customer really wants.It means profit but it not at the cost of consumers regret.Today’s business also includes services which is most important aspect of consumers satisfaction.It refers to an organisation or firm which is mostly privately owned.For someone who really wants to start a business what does he really need to have? The answer is an idea,to define his goals,creating a working name, competitive analysis,covering legal sides etc.

Management and business walk in hand in hand.It is an effective and efficient operation which is part of business.It is a function which accomplishes the goals of business.It is also an academic discipline for social science.Business and management consists of financial management,information management,human resource management,marketing management etc,Implementation and execution is most important part in management.Business and management are two different components but in one packet.Today’s top business are Royal dutch shell,samsung etc are top business in today’s world and writing about businessmen are Lakshmi Mittal, KUSHAL Pal singh, Kumar Mangalam birla etc are the best businessmen.A businessman should also be able tom take risk and uncertainties which is to be supported by and management are a study part for today’s youth.IT’S NOT EVERYONE’S CUP OF TEA.So its important for everyone to know yourself with each and every perspective of business so for more knowledge depth about capitalist economy we should go for having good habits such as reading business today,economic times to keep ourself updated.999 days of business 1000th days is yours.










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