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  • What is the System of Brands?

    In this video you will learn about Line Extensions, Brand Extensions, Multibrands & Unique introductions. Brands could be New or Existing & so could Product Categories. Companies use combination of brands and categories while expanding Brand Architecture. Have a question about system of brands? Ask us in the comments below.

  • What is Brand Architecture? What are the types of portfolio rules?

    Hello students, What is Brand Architecture? What are the types of portfolio rules? Understand advertising concepts from this Video Series by Gayatri Thampi

  • Brand Touchpoints

    Watch and Learn Brand Touch points meaning, definition, concept explanation and detailed understanding in 5 minutes video from the video series : Advertising 101 Gayatri Thampi explains the concept brand touch point in under 5 minutes in this video for BBA students.

  • 22 Very Important Topics You Need To Know To Understand Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship is a process of starting a business. The person who owns and discovers the business idea is an Entrepreneur. Entrepreneur develops a business plan, acquires required resources and is fully responsible for the success or failure of the enterprise. Below are 22 Very Important Topics You Need To Know To Understand Entrepreneurship Subject: ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT…

  • Strategic Management: Important Topics For Exam Preparation

    Strategic management means formulating and implementing the company’s major goals and assessing the internal and external environment of the organization. Strategic management involves developing policies and plans, allocating resources and achieving the objectives. One requires consistent feedback to improvise the strategies framed. There are various models and frameworks for making strategic decisions. Here we present Strategic…

  • The Nitty-Gritty of a ‘Business Organisation’

    You work hard so that you can have a beautiful house , car and all the luxuries in life. But what if you have a wonderful idea and an urge to do something big?? Start a business!! You are your own boss –doing your own thing , setting your own priorities. But does anyone know…

  • Unity at Team Work

        We are quite familiar with this word. And I am m very sure many of us have been through it atleast once in our life. Right from children to adults everyone has done or been a part of team work. Playing teams, doing projects, assignments everything is included in team work. All our institutions…

  • Cult Brands

    Iconic brands can seldom be brands of a functional nature. They have to be either in look-good or feel-good category. Thus such brands appeal to aspirants or are the lifestyle-driven.  They appeal to people with a certain set of values or attitude. Brands do not achieve cult status by sales. For that, they have to…

  • The Other Side Of Business

    An idea probably or an intricate dream,  a  source of inspiration or the need of the hour.  Millions of causes for what lead you towards the pathway of this exquisite field of human intelligence  where trust ,  loyalty , fortitude , valour and any other conspicuous virtue is put to a test  we pronounce it …

  • How To File A Case In Consumer Court

    We people are very well educated towards our consumer rights through Government Advertisements informative etc. but when we face some defect in product and try to use our one of the important right “RIGHT TO REDRESSES” . And when we try to file complaint the procedure of making complaint is so lengthy that we dosen’t…

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