Finding The Right Balance Between Being Religious And Being Practical


It recently came to my observation that whenever I do something good, my parents credit God but when I do something bad, it’s because of MY wrong doings. This is just one of the hypocrisy associated with the mirage of godly miracles. I am a firm believer of karma. I am of the opinion that if I am successful in my life, it is because I WORKED HARD FOR IT; not because of some godly intervention. However don’t get me mistaken for an atheist.I do believe in God. I am the person who prays to God when I am scared and thanks Him when I am saved. Just like the masses, I too need a higher form of power to keep faith in. Having said that, I don’t perform my daily activities based on this conjectural belief but rather something solid, like my own skills.

The age old debate of Darwinism VS creationism can be extended to faith VS practicality. One needs to find the right balance between belief in God and belief in one’s own mettle. As per Hindu mythology, one of the Purusharthas is Dharma i.e. Duty. An individual should work towards fulfilling his duties rather than sit and wait for a miracle to come his way.

The only way a person can score good marks in his exams is if he studies hard for it. One cannot expect to ace his tests by going to temples and fasting. Yes, praying helps. As mentioned before, it acts as a reassurance and acknowledges the feeling of not being alone. It gives a certain sensation of confidence to go out there and do what you have to do. In the moments of self-doubt, fear and uncertainty one finds that believing in God gives that necessary push of motivation that acts as a driving force.

As the title suggests, in order to be successful and humble at the same time, one needs to find an equilibrium between being religious and being practical. Instead of waiting for something good to happen, one needs to make the good happen!



Tejas Mane, an amateur content writer. A final year BMS student. Reigning Student of the Year of Bhavans College. Jack of all trades, master of none.






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