men empowerment               

Yes, you read it right; Men Empowerment!  The last few years have seen so much of women empowerment activities, that we have reached a point where the men of India need empowering. Women centric movies, serials, books, activities, etc. have seen so much light lately that it has got me wondering, “is it really necessary?Let us have a brief analysis of the movement.

                Gender equality has been the dream of many enthusiasts all over the world. But the question is “is it possible? “Women spearhead into every avenue and ask to give them what is rightfully theirs; but what makes them think that it is rightfully theirs, is a question yet unanswered. Even a mundane activity such as travelling in a bus has been subjected to women empowerment activities. A man who gets a comfortable seat in a yet otherwise crowded bus, has to get up so that a woman could sit in his place. Why you ask? Because 33% reservation and women empowerment!

                One may say that a man should offer his seat to a woman out of chivalry and decency. But what if the man is returning from a hard day’s labour and the woman has just been frolicking? Is it still decent for a woman to take a man’s seat?

                In an orthodox society there were gender specific roles one needed to follow; the man worked and the woman cooked. However, in the contemporary society these roles are more open ended. There is no limitation on what one can pursue on the grounds of their gender. If there is any profile work that a woman wants to do she musters her women empowerment speech and asks “Why can’t I do it if a man can do it” However, the same woman in a crowded train may refrain from saying “why can’t I stand if a man can”. This notion borders on hypocrisy, where the women use the fairer sex argument for their benefit as well as sometimes contradict it… for their benefit.

                Behind every successful man is a woman’s hand. More often than not, these women are either your mother or your wife. Their role in a man’s life is that of a guide, critique, support system, friend and I can enlist 100 more such titles. I am not undermining the prowess of a woman, but recognition is not asked for, it is earned.

                There lies a hint of hypocrisy not only at work, but also at households. A man is expected to fix the toilet seat and change the bulb, but when the same man expects the woman to make him a meal, it is considered sexist. The term ‘sexist’ have been so overused in favour of women that a man needs to think twice before uttering a word in context.

There lies a dream for a modern contemporary world where the men and women do not have to follow generic roles. However, reaching this equilibrium seems a far fetched dream that is eons away.


Tejas Mane, an amateur content writer. A final year BMS student. Reigning Student of the Year of Bhavans College. Jack of all trades, master of none.






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