Meet Entrepreneur Deepak Garde

Entrepreneurs are much needed for countries development. as per the Jospeh.A.Schumpter , ” Entrepreneur is an individual who introduces something new in the economy. it may be new method of production, a product, raw material or a new market.” specially in a case of a developing economy entrepreneur is one who starts an industry, undertakes risk, and uncertainties.

It is said that entrepreneur always creates a way for him self to reach on top . This entrepreneur is not recognized but he brought a revolutionary business for the first time in india. 

Deepak Garde is the founder of Garde Marine Export pvt. Ltd. he founded this organization in the year 1978 in Ratnagiri city of maharashtra. here just one idea made him an entrepreneur in his field.

Generally he was the exporter of fisheries on a domestic level as well as on international level. but suddenly he observed that the trend in Korea has changed. He used to export fisheries majorly to Korea country where most of the hotels used to make sausages from the fisheries which are imported from India.

Suddenly Deepak Garde thought “if they are importing fisheries and making sausages and selling it on large scale then why not me !”Gadre-Deepak with this idea he learned and brought down foreign sausage technology in India. further while researching more he also observed that in Korea people love to eat red fish which is found in india on larger scale but it is not preferred by Indian people. there fore fisherman use to scrap red fishes. there fore he firstly had an deal with local fisherman to sale him red fish on half price but because of no demand in indian market for red fish, fisherman gave him in free of cost. withing a 1 year of time he got a huge profit in business. he used to brought free red fish, made sausages and exported on international level. but after that fisherman came to know about the business and he also get in to the partnership business with Garde and gave a name of the company as Garde Marine Export Pvt Ltd.  this terrific idea of taking advantage of situation is really inspiring features found in this entrepreneur.

so that’s all about the one of the finest local entrepreneur of India who started the trend of manufacturing sausages in India.

Moral :

success recipe ingredients are always in your surrounding you just need to realize and use it in a proper way .







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  1. priya singh Avatar
    priya singh

    such an informative article about entrepreneur and his working style, we should learn lessons from such people looking forward to read more interesting articles good job Team BBA

    1. TEAM BBA Avatar

      thank you Priya for sharing your valuable comment 🙂

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