Importance of Entrepreneurship As A Subject

Entrepreneurship is an essential subject to study in BBA(Bachelor in Business Administration).Students who want to start their own venture and who have a definite vision and mission backed by leadership, interpersonal, right decision making and risk- bearing qualities should study entrepreneurship Student’s should not approach entrepreneurship as short-term goal but they should look at it as a long term passion and as a road to success.

Entrepreneurship as a subject should and must be taught in every school. The need for entrepreneurs is rising everyday and India being a vast country with a population of over 1.2 billion entrepreneurship needs to be taught at a young age. India at this very moment doesn’t need job seekers it needs more job providers. We as a nation need to infuse entrepreneurship into the minds and heart of students. India need the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Larry Page and people who can create and erect great companies which can further create more and more jobs and a better reputation of India as a whole.

We as college students come across various subjects ,from business mathematics to law to tax .These subjects are no doubt important and interesting but entrepreneurship too needs a place somewhere in here .Entrepreneurship is that subject which can create a lifelong interest in students and can enhance and improve their overall skills ,talent and abilities. Once when students learn the relevance of entrepreneurship in today’s world they will have something to look forward to. It’s important for schools and colleges to teach the importance of entrepreneurship to its students and what impact it can create not only in their life but also in the world around us.

The various advantages of entrepreneurship are:

1 .Can enhance and improve creativity and skills of students.

2. Student’s can gain insights and more knowledge about what the business world is really about.

3. Improves the overall personality of the student’s as they start taking interest then initiative. It helps to build in interest, energy and confidence in students.

4. Student’s who really want to do something entrepreneurship can really be the right subject to learn.

5. Can really broaden the outlook of students mind as they get to learn new things every day.

7. Managing people and resources effectively and efficiently is another advantage of studying entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is all about ideas and implementing it and doing the necessary hard work to see that your idea turns successful. Entrepreneurship is a dynamic activity. It is all about learning of products and


service, the markets, the resources involved, management, people and a lot more. Students who develop an interest in entrepreneurship are the ones who can become someone great and highly successful in life. They are the ones, whom the world can look upon and depend upon and they are the ones who can create a positive and unforgettable impact on this world.








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