Indian Catering Is Improving Through Drone Delivery

Mumbai is one of the highest populated city in India. here most of he business are competing with each other in order to attract customers who are looking for better standard of living. this business competition is went on next level now fast food industry specially pizza outlet is planning to start pizza delivery through drone to execute a delivery by taking the aerial route recently. 

Francesco’s Pizzeria chief executive Mikhel Rajani said,” All of us had read about (global e-commerce giant) Amazon’s plans of using drones. We successfully carried out a test-delivery by sending a pizza to a customer located 1.5 km away from our outlet on May 11″  A four-rotor drone took off with the order from its outlet in central Mumbai’s Lower Parel area and delivered it to a high-rise building in adjacent Worli area, Rajani said, claiming that it is for the first time that the ubiquitous drone has been used for such a purpose in the country.  This Drone delivery will provide speedy delivery. now you don’t have to wait for 30 minutes because drone will delivdroneer the goods within 10 minutes within its operational areas. at the same way it will help to reduce labor turnover as well as it will give excellent result of catering. currently this technology is applied by hotels and fast food outlets of developed countries like UK, but now Indian restaurants are also coming out and playing vital role in economic growth and technological advancement in fast food and hotel industry. At present, there are certain restrictions by government regulation like the drone is not allowed to fly over 400 feet altitude and barred from flying over securities establishment. similarly here there is a need have a contingency planning for technical defects because this  technology will be operated in remote area these drone will not cover more than 6-7 km area. but Mr. Mikhel Rajani is looking positively towards positive approach in catering. 

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