How To Solve Case Study

As a BBA student, case studies are very important as per exam prospective. most of us gets promoted till third year of BBA but still we treat case studies as paragraph comprehension. here you need to realize case studies are important sources of getting good score in your exams so how to solve case study ? here is your solution.

Before Starting up with case study there is a need to analyse which type of case study is given. there are two type of case study :

1) when question is described in case study and only case study is given

2) when questions are given separately.

Process of analyzing and writing of case study

when there is told to analyse case study then the process are as follows :

  1. analyse the case and try to relate case with certain topics of the subject. for example: given case is related to consumer behavior.
  2. provide short summary of case in just one short paragraph
  3. note down SWOT ANALYSIS (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) of case if you can relate to.
  4. bring out facts which are described in case
  5. note down issues related to case and also provide solution to over come from those issue.
  6. conclusion.

Important Points To apply While Writing Case Study :

  • look for marks allotted to case study while writing it in exams and allot your time accordingly.
  • case study can be 1 pager or it may extend even at 12 pager.
  • summary should be short and it should be modified in your own words.
  • while noting down SWOT analysis it is very easy to find out Strength and opportunity¬†but some times difficult to find weakness and threats so first try to look for weakness and threat if you got it you can go ahead with the SWOT analysis or leave this section in case study
  • while writing answers of questions there is no need to provide summary what ever question said to do or analyse just analyse the same there is no need to put extra.
  • while writing down the facts or reasons make sure you are writing it in a point format.

this process will carry almost for all subjects but while analyzing and writing case study of law you need to follow different format.

Process For Law Case Study

  • analyse the case and act related to case
  • summarize the case in short paragraph
  • bring out facts and issue
  • try to relate real time case related to the topic if any
  • judgement as per the act. and section specified in act.






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