Law Case study on Offer and Acceptance (solved)

Case Cyber Pharma was manufacturing a medicine for cure aids. They advertise in international magazine saying that whoever consumes this medicines will not suffer from aids. Mrs. Mathew read this advertisement in the magazine and purchased she claimed for the reward of 10 million pounds as a compensation as promise in the advertisement can she […]

Hindustan Liver LTD. (HRM solved Case study )

Case Hindustan Liver Limited is a reputed multinational company. It considers selection as an event in the total process of acquiring and developing managers. The company believes that the selection process must be consistent with other events in the total process for it to be effective. Hindustan lever has been one of the most favoured […]

Sans re course case study (Law solved case study)

Case A is holder of a bill he endorses it “sans re course” to B. B endorses it to C. C to D and D again to A : Can A recover the amount of the bill from B What are the rights of D Can A recover the amount from C and D or […]

Case Study On Negotiable Instrument Act (Business Law Case)

Case By means of fall preference A has obtain from B a cheque crossed “not negotiable” he took that cheque to a bank (other than drawee bank) which paid it. B sues the bank for conversion. Has A committed any offence or irregularity. Under the negotiable instrument act. Is B entitled to get any relief? […]

Case Study on Negotiable Instrument Act

Case State with the reason whether the following payment amount to payment in due course :- A bill exchange is payable at a future date is paid before maturity. An instrument is paid before maturity and is successfully endorse to another person Any instrument is payable to A or his order and it is not […]

Case Study on progress of small business (Entrepreneurial Case)

Most people are familiar with the names of large businesses such as Marks & Spencer and Heinz. Although some may not realize many of today’s famous large companies were initially very small. They were started by either one person or a small group of people. Many businesses starts as one person’s idea. The creator is […]

Marketing Case Study on Telecom Industry

In 2011, the Top 6 players in the Indian telecom service market- Bharat, Salience, Worldfone, Bigmo, Ideal and Tantra accounted for 93% share of India’s 800 million subscribers. With a healthy penetration level of 66% (800 million subscribers in a population of 1200 millions) and 10 millions new connections added every month; the Indian telecom […]

Glaxo V/S Heinz (Law Competition Act.)

The case is about the negative advertisement due to growing competition between Horlicks (glaxo) and complan (Heinz). Horlicks and Complan both were the market leader in the children’s health drink industry. But with the growing competition it affected the completion policies. Complan (Heinz) made an first advertisement in that the Complan Mummy tells the Horlicks […]

Ravinder Raj V/S Maruti Udyog Ltd. & Competent Motors Co. Pvt. Ltd.

In set case, In 1986 Mr. Ravinder Raj booked a cream colour Maruti 800 car by paying Rs. 10,000. He booked a car in Competent Motors Co. Pvt. Ltd. showroom which was associated with the Maruti Udyog Ltd. for selling of Maruti cars through their showrooms. In July 15, 1988 showroom informed Mr. Ravinder Raj […]

Vaibhav Bedi V/S Hindustan Unilever Limited (Consumer Protection Act.) 

Vaibhav Bedi, 26 years old resident of new Delhi filled a case against the Hindustan Unileven Ltd. (HUL) in consumer court regarding cheating and mental harassment via companies product ‘AXE deo’. In this case, Hindustan Unilever Ltd is a reputed company in FMCG sector having wide variety of its product. Company also groom the deodorant […]

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