Case Studies

Ankita Vs Aniket (contract act.)

Case :

There is a constant quarrel between Ankita and Aniket due to which there is a marital discord between two. As a part of settlement the husband agrees to pay sum of Rs. 50,000 per month as maintenance allowance of his wife. Provided she stays separately. Does the wife has a claim to get that amount.

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How To Solve Case Study

As a BBA student, case studies are very important as per exam prospective. most of us gets promoted till third year of BBA but still we treat case studies as paragraph comprehension. here you need to realize case studies are important sources of getting good score in your exams so how to solve case study ? here is your solution.

Before Starting up with case study there is a need to analyse which type of case study is given. there are two type of case study :

1) when question is described in case study and only case study is given

2) when questions are given separately. Continue reading