An Interview with Seema Tatwawadi, Director, Amity Global Business School, Mumbai

About amity Group :

With over two decades of academic excellence, Amity Education Group has come to be recognised for pioneering a global culture in education in India. Presently the Amity Education Group comprises of 5 universities, 17 schools & pre-schools, 150+ institutions and 11 overseas campuses across London, New York, California, Singapore, Mauritius, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Beijing, Nanjing and Romania. 

The Amity Group is home to over 100,000 students pursuing 250 Programmes in 50 diverse disciplines, across pre-school to Ph.D.

Name : Seema TatwawadiDSC_0015

Designation : Director

College : Amity Global Business School , Mumbai

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1. Tell us about your self

I believe “ Education is worth Little if it teaches only how to make a living rather than how to make a life. ” hello dear students I am Seema Tatwawadi a astute educationists working for more than 25 years as a professor, distinguished psychologist, counselor and Lifestyle Management Consultant. I also writes Research papers and articles for international journals, also written articles in leading national dailies including The Times of India, the Indian Express, Dainik Jagaran, and Sakal. talking about my qualification I have completed my PHD, MA (Psychology) as well as PGDM.

My special area of interest is Career Counseling for undergraduates and post graduate students. In the past I had undertaken distress tele-counseling for HSC and SSC students. Also I am passionate about helping students to develop their skill sets to realize their potential and developing confidence in them to be successful in their chosen field.

I have conducted  several seminars, Workshops and training sessions for students and professionals. I am also a Member of the Interview Panel of Mazgaon Dock, HPCL, and IBPS – an organization for recruitment of senior professionals in state and central government undertakings.

I have designed and administered several psychometric testing sessions for diverse target groups, conducted Outbound Training programs for management students and counseled students and executives towards bright careers. As a Visiting faculty in Defense Institutions she has contributed significantly to the development of budding service officers of the Indian Army.

2. About your College

A milestone in Amity’s unceasing endeavor for achieving educational excellence is the establishment of the Amity University Uttar Pradesh as a pace setting University. Established through an Act of the Uttar Pradesh Govt., the University is committed to providing skills based quality education comparable to the best by international standards and it subscribes to the philosophy of blending modernity with tradition and nurturing talent. In Amity we believe on our students talent and performance. we also ensure that there is a personality development and holistic learning and training is given to students.

At Amity, emphasis is given on not only making students academically brilliant, but true leaders and team players, thus preparing them for the real life corporate world. Students are also provided an opportunity to be part of various club/committee to bring about your true potential and aptitude which helps them in their future careers. Students can choose from various committees and clubs including. Alumni Committee, Placement Committee, Cultural Committee, Debating Club, Event Management Committee, Sports Committee. Environment Committee, PR & Outreach Committee, IT Club etc.

The unique Mentor-Mentee Concept at Amity ensures a constant interaction between the faculty and the students. A faculty member is assigned to a group of 5-6 students to counsel them on their academic and personal concerns.

Biggest strength of Amity is a unique Corporate Resource Centre to facilitate excellent placements. Alumni all over the world in leading companies like McKinsey, Ernst & Young, HLL, and Reliance. Leading companies across various disciplines come for campus placements at Amity.

3. Tell us about BBA Courses Conducted By College

Bachelor of Business Administration is three year fulltime course which aims towards building future professionals rather than mere degree holders. The course is designed to give students the basic understanding of management concepts and understanding of doing business or pursuing higher studies.

The structure of the program is so planned that it equips the students to imbibe holistic education and requisite skills. The programme has a definite edge over other courses as it provides a concentrated focus of study and the student, at a young age is able to comprehend nuances and tactics of business.

4. What Should BBA Education Mean To Student.

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration is the excellent Programme for the students who have ambition to enter in to the field of management and business. BBA provides a basic idea to the semi professionals on business activities and ensures personality development and business skills in every BBA students. BBA also create a stage to have a global opportunity with MBA and therefore we have BBA+MBA integrated Programme for our students.

5. When Did You Join This Profession? What Inspired You to Choose This Line ?

at my time, the profession of teacher was the best profession for women in India. I am very ambitious about teaching and spreading the best knowledge and that’s why I am in this profession since 25 years as a professor, visiting faculty and now handling Amity Global Business School Mumbai campus as a Director.


6. Tell Us About Your College Activities For Students

we look our students as future leaders and therefore with this view we train our students with lots of practical knowledge by conducting seminar sessions, various competitions and activity almost in every week. we also take care about students interest towards studies and cultural activities therefore every year we conduct Annual Cultural Day, Sports Meet, Conferences where students take initiative to perform. We also conduct Inter Collegiate event ELATION which involves management games and cultural events which helps students to enhance their ability and skills before going in corporate. our students are performing excellent with academics and other activities conducted by various academy and institutes.


7. Does Your  College Provides any Placement Assistance

Yes, our college Provides 100% placement Assistance to all our students BBA as well as MBA students. we ensure our students should have a tie up with the good corporate brands therefore we always call big brands of corporate for campus interviews.


8. What Message Would You Like To Give To BBA Students

If you are looking at BBA  degree, have the faith on management and business. If you are ambitious about business and administration the perfect course is arranged for you in the form of BBA. yes BBA is undergraduate course but if it get a hands of MBA the value addition is much higher than before.







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