10 Study Habits A Student Should Develop For Effective Learning

Best ways to study is to make sure you follow few points and apply them in your studies.

1.Divide your studies into proper sessions :
If you want to be  a progressive student then you need to be regular in your studies by dividing your studies into proper sessions by giving atleast 2hours in a day apart of your schedule.

2. Planning your studies:
Before you start studying you should make sure that you have planned your studies by setting yourself a time table for the week. But most importantly you have to stick to your time table that you have schedule every week.

3.Be regular in your studies:
You shouldn’t only plan your studies but you have to learn to create consistency and study daily. So that you be prepared for case studies as well as test.

4. Make your own notes:
For better understanding make sure you attend all your subject session held in college so that you make your own notes. So whenever you study it gets easier for you to study them and remember it.

5. Understanding:
Understanding highly about a certain concept of your studies will help you to gain knowledge ans develop your grasping power.

6. Start up with a difficult subject:
Since the most difficult subject will require a lots of efforts and energy you should start with it first. Once you have completed your difficult subject it will be easier for you to complete other subjects and helps you improve your performance.

7. Head points of notes before you start studying:
Before you start studying see to it that you have attended the lectures taking place in your college and you write the headings points of the subjects being thought in college so that it gets simpler for you to do your projects and study for your exams correctly.

8. Keep away all kinds of disturbance:
While you studying try keeping away all the works that distracts your attention. Because when you are disturbed with different activities happening around you, you tend to loose  concentration from your studies and reject studies.

9. Studying in group:
Studying in group for a students is highly beneficial for the students who are struggling with something they don’t understand from that particular concept. It also helps you complete your study work quickly.

10. Revising
Keep in mind that whatever you have studied in the whole week should be revised atleast one day for quick memorization. It also brings in confidence in answering questions and most importantly improves your study habits.


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The Student’s Guide to Late Night Studying

No time to study the whole day long. Here are some alternate solutions to study at night after a stressful day.

1. Prepare yourself mentally for studying:
After the whole days work take a break for something by resting but preparing yourself mentally and physically to study at night.

2. Prepare a cup of coffee or an energy drink:
When you study if you feel you are sleepy consume coffee or some energy drinks which contains caffeine. So that it prevents you from falling asleep. But if you feel you are fresh enough to study then there will be no need for you to consume these drinks at all.

3. Find friends who will accompany you to study.
You should find yourself a friend who will accompany you to study at night on phone or by sms. Although you will have no benefits N loose focus but it help you to remain awake to keep your studies on.

4. Switching of your computer
It is necessary for you to turn off your computer so that you don’t get distracted to play games or don’t get tempted to chat with friends at night on social networking sites.

5. Don’t study on the bed:
The most important step to follow at night is sit on a hard chair or on a study table so that you give your 100% to your studies.  Sitting on bed makes you feel dozy and N lets you to sleep so avoid sitting and studying on the bed.

6. Switch on your room lights
Keep the light of your room switched on so that there is lots of brightness in the room and prevents you from falling asleep. It also helps to see clearly and vanishes the darkness away from you room.

7. Avoid putting all your study works on the table.
See to it that you don’t create a mess of removing all your works at the same time on your study table while you sit to study because looking at the amount of studies your might get tensed and this tension will not allow you to focus on your studies.

8. Keep you stationary by your side.
All the things of stationary required for you to be used in your studies should be kept beside you so that it does not disturb you in your studies or takes away your attendance.

9.  Sit down and study all night:
If we do not get time to study during the day sit all night to study but take breaks after every chapter or brief answers so that your mind gets refreshed to start the next chapter or answer.

10. Take a short nap:
After studying the whole night take a short nap the next day rather lack of sleep might affect your health.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

How To Get Motivated In Your Studies?

Staring at the books makes you fall asleep here are few solutions that will help you how should you motivate and prepare yourself to study in the right way.

Step 1: Place to study.
Find a place for yourself where you be able to study without any disturbance or a lots of unwanted noise.

Step 2: Keep all your stationary besides you.
Pens, pencils,notes,books and all other stationary beside you so that each time you don’t have to get up from you study table to fetch yourself stationary objects that bring lack of concentration in your studies.

Step 3: Wear comfortable clothes.
Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes at the time you study.  Make sure ypu wear something loose that does not help you get suffocated and takes away your concentration.

Step 4: Put off your cell phones.
You need not to attend any calls of your relatives or friends at your study time.
It takes away your concentration and gets you tempted to message your friends.

Step 5: Do not study at the end moment.
Starting your studies one day before your examinations or test wont bring you good results in your academic performance. Make a point of studying regularly without hesitating.

Step 6: Think what you have achieved after studying.
The time when you have completed your studies think about what will benefit you after studying that concept or what you have accomplished by studying that particular subject.

Step 7: Appreciate yourself when you complete your studies.
When you complete your studies appreciate and reward yourself by giving yourself a treat of your favourite desert or going for an outing with family or friends.

Step 8: Keep a bottle of water and snacks.
Water helps you to get refreshed and energized to study more as well as it quenches your thirst. When hungry during studies eat light food stuffs like sandwiches,fresh fruits, as well as fresh veggies etc
Avoid eating heavy food stuffs like pizza, burgers, frankies etc that gets you drowsy and puts you to sleep.

Step 9: Concentrate on what you are studying.
When you study a particular concept you need to give your full attention to it without any distraction and disturbance.

Step 10: Make your study schedule.
Before you began to study schedule your subjects in an orderly way so that it gets easier for you to complete them quickly.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

How To Study For BBA Exams?

According to Newton’s 4th Law of Exams,
   Every book will continue to be at rest or convered with dust until some external or internal exams move it…!         
Disastrous isn’t it…? But exams cannot be rejected. So here are some ways how we can overcome examinations and its fever.

1) Review your syllabus –
When you get to know about your exams plan to revise the whole of your syllabus, put the dates into a calendar that will remind you everyday which subjects you have to revise each day before heading towards your exams.

2) Pay attention in class –
Pay proper attention in class because teacher’s often give hints about important topics. This is the effective way where your bound to complete your exam papers well.

3) Make good notes –
Write down all whatever your teacher write on board or in slides which will help you to make your own good notes.  But, keep note on one thing that you don’t allow yourself to get distracted in class.

4) Ask about the exam format –
Make sure you confirm your exam portion and the format with your professor’s / teacher’s. So that you avoid wasting time on other topics rather than studying important contents and correct topics as well.

5) Turn off the television –
Whenever your with your books to study sit away from the idiot box and turn it off. So that it doesn’t attract you attention for you watching it.

6) Decide if music is right for you or not –
While studying few students like to study hearing music whereas few students like to have complete silence.  It depends on the student whether they choose to hear music or not.

7) Revise your previous test and assignments –
Make sure you revise the test and assignments being held in class to bring good results in your academic performance.

8) Take breaks –
After every brief answer or chapter its necessary for students to take a break so that you get prepared mentally and physically to start studying a new topic.

9) Make studying a part of your habits –
Studying should be made a habit by every student. Students have to remove time from their busy day and give atleast an hour for their studies.

10)Think about your teacher –
When you finished with your studies think about your teacher that what questions she or he can ask in the question papers. Start thinking in the teachers point of view.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

The Student’s Guide to Early Morning Learning

Some students prefer to learn in the mornings and some in the evenings. It depends on the choice of the students what they wish to choose. But the benefits for studying early morning are as follows:-

a) There is lot of silence in your surroundings and this will help you to study without any disturbance.

b) Mentally and physically you are prepared to study a new concept since you are completely fresh after having a good sleep the previous night.

c) You can consume more material of what you study since your mind is fresh and makes your concentration level high.

d) You don’t feel lazy to study because you feel fresh after you have rested enough the previous night.

e) Since your concentration level is high it helps you remember your concept or lessons very well.

f) After studying in the mornings you get free to spent time with you family and friends in the evenings.

g) Studies are done in the mornings because in the evenings your mind gets tired with work and you get tired.

How we have to learn in the morning’s:-

1. Revision
Revise your previous notes so that it gets easier for you to study new notes if they are related to that particular subject Or lesson.

2. Preparing
Prepare yourself for studying the concept which is going to be held in your session so that when that concept you don’t be completely blank on it.

3. Concentration
Whichever subject is taken in hand make sure you to try to complete it without loosing concentration so that it helps you to complete your portion faster.

4. Eat light
Make sure you eat something first but have a light breakfast so that it gives you energy and helps you to focus in what you study.

5. Music
Hearing music totally depends on you just to keep you awake if you have slept late the previous night but it your choice.

6. Set a simple goal
When you study in d morning if you study even for 30 mins or try completing a difficult concept in that 30 mins also has helped you to achieve your goal.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

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