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  • 10 Study Habits A Student Should Develop For Effective Learning

    Best ways to study is to make sure you follow few points and apply them in your studies. 1.Divide your studies into proper sessions : If you want to be  a progressive student then you need to be regular in your studies by dividing your studies into proper sessions by giving atleast 2hours in a…

  • The Student’s Guide to Late Night Studying

    No time to study the whole day long. Here are some alternate solutions to study at night after a stressful day. 1. Prepare yourself mentally for studying: After the whole days work take a break for something by resting but preparing yourself mentally and physically to study at night. 2. Prepare a cup of coffee…

  • How To Get Motivated In Your Studies?

    Staring at the books makes you fall asleep here are few solutions that will help you how should you motivate and prepare yourself to study in the right way. Step 1: Place to study. Find a place for yourself where you be able to study without any disturbance or a lots of unwanted noise. Step…

  • How To Study For BBA Exams?

    According to Newton’s 4th Law of Exams,    Every book will continue to be at rest or convered with dust until some external or internal exams move it…!          Disastrous isn’t it…? But exams cannot be rejected. So here are some ways how we can overcome examinations and its fever. 1) Review your syllabus – When…

  • The Student’s Guide to Early Morning Learning

    Some students prefer to learn in the mornings and some in the evenings. It depends on the choice of the students what they wish to choose. But the benefits for studying early morning are as follows:- a) There is lot of silence in your surroundings and this will help you to study without any disturbance.…

  • Top BBA Colleges In Kolkata

    Are you a resident of Kolkata looking for top BBA colleges of Kolkata? here is the list of top colleges in Kolkata for BBA :

  • BBA Colleges In Pune

    looking for BBA  colleges in Pune ? Here is your list :

  • BBA Opportunity After 12th Science Stream

    We got So many queries related to BBA course and we found that most of the science students are now looking for self financing courses for their under graduation such as BBA. Most of the parents and students look for Science with the major intention to have a maths as a subject to study with…

  • Richard Branson Lost A Bet

    We all know about  Richard Branson as a fantastic and visionary entrepreneur. he was the one who invented virgin group Ltd. and with his creative mind he succeeded to enlarge the organization today virgin group are  in to the several business some of the famous business lines are Flight Industries famously named as Virgin Atlantic…

  • IBPS : Way To Banking Sector

    Ibps is the exam held for recruitments of  aspirants in nationalized banks. There are different exams conducted by ibps which are as follows:- IBPS CLERICAL. IBPS PO. IBPS SO . IBPS RRB etc.

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