How To Study For BBA Exams?

According to Newton’s 4th Law of Exams,
   Every book will continue to be at rest or convered with dust until some external or internal exams move it…!         
Disastrous isn’t it…? But exams cannot be rejected. So here are some ways how we can overcome examinations and its fever.

1) Review your syllabus –
When you get to know about your exams plan to revise the whole of your syllabus, put the dates into a calendar that will remind you everyday which subjects you have to revise each day before heading towards your exams.

2) Pay attention in class –
Pay proper attention in class because teacher’s often give hints about important topics. This is the effective way where your bound to complete your exam papers well.

3) Make good notes –
Write down all whatever your teacher write on board or in slides which will help you to make your own good notes.  But, keep note on one thing that you don’t allow yourself to get distracted in class.

4) Ask about the exam format –
Make sure you confirm your exam portion and the format with your professor’s / teacher’s. So that you avoid wasting time on other topics rather than studying important contents and correct topics as well.

5) Turn off the television –
Whenever your with your books to study sit away from the idiot box and turn it off. So that it doesn’t attract you attention for you watching it.

6) Decide if music is right for you or not –
While studying few students like to study hearing music whereas few students like to have complete silence.  It depends on the student whether they choose to hear music or not.

7) Revise your previous test and assignments –
Make sure you revise the test and assignments being held in class to bring good results in your academic performance.

8) Take breaks –
After every brief answer or chapter its necessary for students to take a break so that you get prepared mentally and physically to start studying a new topic.

9) Make studying a part of your habits –
Studying should be made a habit by every student. Students have to remove time from their busy day and give atleast an hour for their studies.

10)Think about your teacher –
When you finished with your studies think about your teacher that what questions she or he can ask in the question papers. Start thinking in the teachers point of view.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University







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