10 Study Habits A Student Should Develop For Effective Learning

Best ways to study is to make sure you follow few points and apply them in your studies.

1.Divide your studies into proper sessions :
If you want to be  a progressive student then you need to be regular in your studies by dividing your studies into proper sessions by giving atleast 2hours in a day apart of your schedule.

2. Planning your studies:
Before you start studying you should make sure that you have planned your studies by setting yourself a time table for the week. But most importantly you have to stick to your time table that you have schedule every week.

3.Be regular in your studies:
You shouldn’t only plan your studies but you have to learn to create consistency and study daily. So that you be prepared for case studies as well as test.

4. Make your own notes:
For better understanding make sure you attend all your subject session held in college so that you make your own notes. So whenever you study it gets easier for you to study them and remember it.

5. Understanding:
Understanding highly about a certain concept of your studies will help you to gain knowledge ans develop your grasping power.

6. Start up with a difficult subject:
Since the most difficult subject will require a lots of efforts and energy you should start with it first. Once you have completed your difficult subject it will be easier for you to complete other subjects and helps you improve your performance.

7. Head points of notes before you start studying:
Before you start studying see to it that you have attended the lectures taking place in your college and you write the headings points of the subjects being thought in college so that it gets simpler for you to do your projects and study for your exams correctly.

8. Keep away all kinds of disturbance:
While you studying try keeping away all the works that distracts your attention. Because when you are disturbed with different activities happening around you, you tend to loose  concentration from your studies and reject studies.

9. Studying in group:
Studying in group for a students is highly beneficial for the students who are struggling with something they don’t understand from that particular concept. It also helps you complete your study work quickly.

10. Revising
Keep in mind that whatever you have studied in the whole week should be revised atleast one day for quick memorization. It also brings in confidence in answering questions and most importantly improves your study habits.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University






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