The Student’s Guide to Late Night Studying

No time to study the whole day long. Here are some alternate solutions to study at night after a stressful day.

1. Prepare yourself mentally for studying:
After the whole days work take a break for something by resting but preparing yourself mentally and physically to study at night.

2. Prepare a cup of coffee or an energy drink:
When you study if you feel you are sleepy consume coffee or some energy drinks which contains caffeine. So that it prevents you from falling asleep. But if you feel you are fresh enough to study then there will be no need for you to consume these drinks at all.

3. Find friends who will accompany you to study.
You should find yourself a friend who will accompany you to study at night on phone or by sms. Although you will have no benefits N loose focus but it help you to remain awake to keep your studies on.

4. Switching of your computer
It is necessary for you to turn off your computer so that you don’t get distracted to play games or don’t get tempted to chat with friends at night on social networking sites.

5. Don’t study on the bed:
The most important step to follow at night is sit on a hard chair or on a study table so that you give your 100% to your studies.  Sitting on bed makes you feel dozy and N lets you to sleep so avoid sitting and studying on the bed.

6. Switch on your room lights
Keep the light of your room switched on so that there is lots of brightness in the room and prevents you from falling asleep. It also helps to see clearly and vanishes the darkness away from you room.

7. Avoid putting all your study works on the table.
See to it that you don’t create a mess of removing all your works at the same time on your study table while you sit to study because looking at the amount of studies your might get tensed and this tension will not allow you to focus on your studies.

8. Keep you stationary by your side.
All the things of stationary required for you to be used in your studies should be kept beside you so that it does not disturb you in your studies or takes away your attendance.

9.  Sit down and study all night:
If we do not get time to study during the day sit all night to study but take breaks after every chapter or brief answers so that your mind gets refreshed to start the next chapter or answer.

10. Take a short nap:
After studying the whole night take a short nap the next day rather lack of sleep might affect your health.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University






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