Surviving The Solitary


We all have those days, once in a while, when all our friends/family are busy. You don’t have anybody to hangout with nor do you have any work to tend to. In such scenarios, most of us socially active people would just stare at the screen and wait for few notifications to pop up. Well, that’s just pathetic! But fuss not; I have a list of few things fit for each one of us during the solitary:

  1. Reading

A quiet and serene evening is every reader’s dream. To be able to cuddle with a paperback and a mocha is pure bliss. But what about those who don’t really read? Well fret not! The internet has plenty of short stories for each one of us, in every genre. Goodreads, wattpad, project Guttenberg, etc are all good sources of book suggestions.

  1. Writing

I bet you didn’t expect this, did you? Well, you don’t need to be Ernest Hemingway to be able to write. As long as you are putting your thoughts on paper, the mission is accomplished. Writing helps you to improve your vocabulary, address your insecurities, find solutions to your problems and most importantly, give words to your emotions.

  1. Photography

You don’t need a 50,000 camera to click photographs. Just take your smartphones along with you and snap away! Make sure you take smartphone apps like proshot, Nokia refocus or Lumia Camera along with you and you are all set!

  1. Exercise

One usually does not pay much attention to his health in this fast paced world. Therefore, it is imperative to give extra care to one’s health as and when needed. A brisk walk, climbing a flight of stairs, swimming, etc are some basic exercises one can do.

  1. Sleeping

I am of the opinion that sleeping is a productive activity. One needs enough sleep in order to function properly. Sleeping endures a state of mind free from any worries of the world. It thus transports you to an alternate dimension of transcendence.

  1. Travelling

Sleeping transports you mentally, while travelling transports you physically! This sensation is enjoyed more when you have your own private vehicle. You don’t need to adjust the place, your speed or even your traveling playlist as per anybody else’s preference. Just point and drive!


All the above mentioned activities give you a sense of satisfaction in one way or the another. They have a way of helping you discover things about you, you never even knew existed. Man is a social animal, but he need not base his happiness on the existence of others. There are ways of contentment a man can enjoy with himself as well.


Tejas Mane, an amateur content writer. A final year BMS student. Reigning Student of the Year of Bhavans College. Jack of all trades, master of none.







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