Why You Need To Learn To Have A High Self-Esteem

   Why building and being able to maintain high self-esteem is important ? Here the reason’s are as follows : 1. Life becomes easier – When you love yourself more than other things it becomes easier for you to face life.  Even if you have done a mistake you will not over react on it […]

Corruption In Education

   Corruption is quite dangerous in education because it damages the present and future of  economical and social conditions of a country. It causes more problems in education managements rather then other sectors since the effects remains for a very long duration. Different forms of having corruption in education are – 1. Bribes given by […]

The Importance Of Being A Bibliophile

So I am sitting in a local train travelling from Vadodara to Surat and I feel like I am sitting in a hot sauna. But this hot sauna is surrounded by sweaty people all around, touching arm to arm and by beggars who come once in a while demanding us to pity them and give […]

Cricket- Uniting Indians Since 1932

There is a famous quote by Edmund Charles Blunden, “Cricket to us was more than play, it was worship under the summer sun.” And there is no other country that has stuck by the game and religiously revered it than India. A country of 1.3 billion and just a cricket game to unite them all! […]

An Attempt To Open Up To Satire

So this other day I was watching an episode of Monty Python and a particular quote by John Cleese stuck with me. It goes something like this,” If I can get you to laugh with me, you like me better, which makes you more open to my ideas. And if I can persuade you to […]

How To Study For BBA Exams?

According to Newton’s 4th Law of Exams,    Every book will continue to be at rest or convered with dust until some external or internal exams move it…!          Disastrous isn’t it…? But exams cannot be rejected. So here are some ways how we can overcome examinations and its fever. 1) Review your syllabus – When […]

The Student’s Guide to Early Morning Learning

Some students prefer to learn in the mornings and some in the evenings. It depends on the choice of the students what they wish to choose. But the benefits for studying early morning are as follows:- a) There is lot of silence in your surroundings and this will help you to study without any disturbance. […]

Life Of A Celebrity

Most of us glorify the lives of the “celebrities”. We mistake the glitz and glamour of these personalities with happiness and contentment. Just like the masses, I too, was in awe with the “life of a star”. This mirage, however, shattered after reading about a top female celebrity fighting depression. After reading more about such […]

Seven Ambitious Quotes To Live By

                What makes a TV show, movie or a book stand out is its ability to grip the masses with its words. These words may sometimes have a short lasted effect on the individual. But what if a person doesn’t just treat these quotes as something to just amaze about but rather something to ponder […]

Surviving The Solitary

We all have those days, once in a while, when all our friends/family are busy. You don’t have anybody to hangout with nor do you have any work to tend to. In such scenarios, most of us socially active people would just stare at the screen and wait for few notifications to pop up. Well, […]

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