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  • What is the System of Brands?

    In this video you will learn about Line Extensions, Brand Extensions, Multibrands & Unique introductions. Brands could be New or Existing & so could Product Categories. Companies use combination of brands and categories while expanding Brand Architecture. Have a question about system of brands? Ask us in the comments below.

  • What is Brand Architecture? What are the types of portfolio rules?

    Hello students, What is Brand Architecture? What are the types of portfolio rules? Understand advertising concepts from this Video Series by Gayatri Thampi

  • Brand Touchpoints

    Watch and Learn Brand Touch points meaning, definition, concept explanation and detailed understanding in 5 minutes video from the video series : Advertising 101 Gayatri Thampi explains the concept brand touch point in under 5 minutes in this video for BBA students.

  • Difference between Product and Brand – Advertising 101 – Concept Video

    Difference between Product and Brand – Advertising 101 – Concept Video In this video, you will learn: What is a product? What makes a product a brand? Differences between the two.

  • What is BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration ?

    Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA or B.B.A.) is a bachelor’s degree education in business and business organization. In most colleges and universities, the degree is presented upon a student in one or more areas of business specializations. The BBA program normally incorporates general business courses and advanced courses for specific focus of specialization. The degree…

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