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Corruption In Education

   Corruption is quite dangerous in education because it damages the present and future of  economical and social conditions of a country.
It causes more problems in education managements rather then other sectors since the effects remains for a very long duration.

Different forms of having corruption in education are –

1. Bribes given by parents to the teacher’s for passing the students to the next class.

2. Teachers give bribes to the authorities for giving them promotions and transfers from one place to another.

3. If the children feel that their studying efforts are not counted they are facing competitions and favouritism and bribery.  They too get hook to pay bribes and buy all their degrees with a handsome amount of money.

4. Even the teachers who fail to teach well and turn up to be ‘ghost teacher’ also pay bribes to pass their degrees.

5. Distribution of examination papers sold on high cost by the teachers to the students involves cheating as its a part of corruption.

Ways to fight back with corruption in education-

1.  Corruption is difficult to fight with when one of the country citizen’s tries to follow human rights and laws.

2. Corruption can only be fought together by all the citizen’s of the country.

3. The higher authorities of the schools, colleges and institutes should form strict rules and regulations.

4. The students parents shouldn’t support the students for their wrong doings.

5. All countries should follow strict rules and punish all students as well a high authorities and teachers who follow the way of corruption into their success.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University


The Importance Of Being A Bibliophile

So I am sitting in a local train travelling from Vadodara to Surat and I feel like I am sitting in a hot sauna. But this hot sauna is surrounded by sweaty people all around, touching arm to arm and by beggars who come once in a while demanding us to pity them and give them money. But this isn’t all. There are random hawkers who come around to sell cheap stuff that frankly, prove to be a distraction from the constant cauldron of sticky, clammy and garish surroundings. But then I open up a book, Emily Bronte’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ and I am instantly transported back to the green gardens by which Heathcliff walks. I can feel the tumultuous emotions that are running through his mind. I can now dive into a fictional world and forget about the all-consuming present. I do not feel the grim present day situation to be as bad now. I am far too busy contemplating what Heathcliff’s next move will be. And hence I am free. Why am I taking up so much of your time telling you about a train journey I took? Because that gave me a chance to show you why being a bibliophile is a good thing.

I will not stress on the fact that reading books improves your vocabulary or that people will swoon over your English skills but I would like to convey that books can come in handy. To beat the crap out of someone, to get out of awkward situations and to immerse yourself into another world of your choice, books can haul and lug you into a rhapsody. You can visit a 19th century England and you can survive a plane crash and come back to tell your survival saga. You can fall in love with a handsome, broody stranger who will turn out to be a vampire and go on whirlwind trips to cover the world in 80 days. You can live vicariously through each character, feel the emotions and realize that imagination is infinite. It doesn’t matter if you’re holed up in your room right now; you are already travelling at cosmic speed in a parallel universe. You have slayed dragons and gone on an adventure with the hobbit.

A bibliophile is defined to be a lover of books. Yes, precisely. But he is also someone who prefers to go on adventures, of the literary kind!



Chandana Rao

Idler, bibliophile, side-spectator, day dreamer and an engineering student trying to find something she is good at. An average girl with high hopes and even bigger ambitions. 

Cricket- Uniting Indians Since 1932

There is a famous quote by Edmund Charles Blunden, “Cricket to us was more than play, it was worship under the summer sun.” And there is no other country that has stuck by the game and religiously revered it than India. A country of 1.3 billion and just a cricket game to unite them all! To an outlander, the devotion might seem incomprehensible but to the Indian mass, cricket is a congenial creed. And over time, various people have tried to figure out the obscure love for this game and come up with myriad explanations. Today I am going to be just another brick in the wall.

It sounds improbable that a sport started by our colonial rulers just to spend their time leisurely found such a huge fan-following in India. In fact, India started playing cricket even before they gained independence. At first it was an elite sport with some Parsis and Hindus playing it to receive some prominence and stature that the Britishers attached to the game. Not only was the game one for the noble, but even the common masses seemed to enjoy playing their own bat. As such the game is challenging to play, requiring a lot of space, good pitch conditions and expensive equipments that are conditions rarely fulfilled for the average man. So why is the game still so popular? Mainly due to pride, I would say. Pride in winning, pride in the fact that our country was not only good at something but better than the rest. And pride is hard to deny. India is a mélange of religions and castes and it is this game that brings all of them together to instill a sense of patriotism towards the country. The turning point for the game was undoubtedly the 1983 World Cup win. A team of 11 players that managed to topple the big names and come out victorious-a true underdog story, it was the stuff dreams were made of. But contrary to popular belief, the team performance has not affected the fanfare to a larger extent. India has only recently become consistently competitive in cricket. Our country had already produced prodigious talents in other sports such as Dhyan Chand but somehow the gentleman’s game struck a chord with the Indian soul. Maybe the simplicity and the related cost factor added to the prominence, for how hard was it to pick up a wooden bat, a ball and few stumps, gather your friends and start playing on a ground or in a gully for that matter. It is not surprising then when people say that you will find masters of the trade playing a square cut or bowling a doosra in some of these gullies. Also owing to the crowded nature, cricket is a game that involves all the players with 3 to 4 games being played simultaneously in one open ground. The introduction of television was another boost for the game. 30 million households with a television set, all glued to the screen and waiting for the next sixer. Our population that was an environmental problem as such became an advantage now.

It was around the same time that Sachin Tendulkar came and conquered the game. When Sachin played, life happened. This article would be incomplete without at least dedicating a few lines to this genius man. With his advent to the Indian side, we started setting new records, winning games consistently and defeating some of the greatest teams with panache. People worshipped this man and many believed in him more than they did in a superpower. This type of fanatical devotion does not come easy. The introduction of shorter formats also proved to be important. People could easily keep track of scores now and it was far more enjoyable to watch a team win or lose in a day. Test matches reduced to 50 over games and now 20 over matches rule the roster. With the introduction of corporate companies, money came pouring in. Suddenly, everyone wanted a bite from the forbidden fruit. Players started to get fatter paychecks, people got more than they invested and the bubble blew up. BCCI played an important role here. Indians being the shrewd businessmen that they are became the head and ran an international body to completely change the course of the sport.

I believe that the game continues to enjoy the adulation and garner humongous proportion of spectators because it is a game that has evolved. It has kept up with the changing demands of the viewer and done that really well. But then if one looks at the amount of hard work people put in the sport, it as much feels like they deserve the glory. And yes, cricket does sidestep our national game, Hockey, but then for now who cares. It is the season of the World Cup and India has already defeated two eminent teams. The cricket fever is going to burn for a long time now. And as a part of the cricket fandom, I couldn’t be happier!



Chandana Rao

Idler, bibliophile, side-spectator, day dreamer and an engineering student trying to find something she is good at. An average girl with high hopes and even bigger ambitions.

An Attempt To Open Up To Satire

So this other day I was watching an episode of Monty Python and a particular quote by John Cleese stuck with me. It goes something like this,” If I can get you to laugh with me, you like me better, which makes you more open to my ideas. And if I can persuade you to laugh at a particular point I make, by laughing at it you acknowledge its truth.”

Satire opens up peoples mind to points and facts that they might have otherwise rejected outright. By bringing emotional humor into the picture, we shed light onto issues that otherwise remain shrouded. Therein lays the tremendous value of satire and sarcasm. It is a fun way to criticize the societal norms and slowly point out that obstinate and inept rules need to be changed. The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and even immature shows like South Park or Family Guy exemplify this perfectly. These shows have addressed some of the most sensitive topics with a hilarious take and come out victorious by generating awareness amongst its audience. From gay rights to the right to bear arms, from moot issues of politics to the omnipresent question of what came first: the chicken or the egg, all these subjects have been dealt with accurately. Back home, the faking news and Mr. Cyrus Broacha have been trying to fire-start, inform and challenge stringent ideas of politics and daily happenings in our country. Moreover, if you follow them regularly, you will be blown away by the sheer simplicity with which they present some of their views. And I personally believe that satire is a necessary ingredient to shape up the ideologies of the society. It is not always that violence or for that matter, non-violence can help oppose a prevalent idea. Sometimes, an opinion of the funny man can make you pause to reflect and reconsider. It is in these self-introspection phases that you will see the brilliance of such a fragile system.

It seems to me that we are increasingly becoming a bi-polar society with such extreme views that anything and everything seems to hit the bull’s eye. Any opinion put forward is ridiculed and every other day seems to throw up some deep-seated anger that morphs into rebellion. Out of all these zones, political imprudence reaches out to the maximum number of audience. And as long as the political systems fail to deliver, mockery will never stop. Why not, I say. If we can laugh out the follies, as Aristotle put it so eloquently, then why ban them out of existence. The mere fact that satire exists points to a free society. And in a revolutionized era where the basic human rights include freedom of speech, it is hypocritical of us to even expect that humorous takes on every topic are not required. You do not like it, do not watch or preach about it. Its as simple as that.

There was a quote I found on the internet that perfectly described the current scenario of the world, “The eruption of war after futile war, the abandonment of constitutional norms, the bungling of espionage agencies, the damage inflicted on the environment, and the Orwellian, murderous world of strutting dictators.” Living a calculated life that we do, what is the harm in bringing a satirical angle to it all. Ignorance breeds intolerance. But because it is aimed at popular theories and dogmas, these comical incursions are bound to be discouraged by a select few. The problem arises when these select few appear to be stronger than a faction of satirical people. Though the new society has shown promising response and this category is slowly blossoming, there is still a long way to go. And like all great stories ever told and all the inspiring speeches delivered, this is just another tool to inspire and educate the masses.


Chandana Rao

Idler, bibliophile, side-spectator, day dreamer and an engineering student trying to find something she is good at. An average girl with high hopes and even bigger ambitions. 

10 Study Habits A Student Should Develop For Effective Learning

Best ways to study is to make sure you follow few points and apply them in your studies.

1.Divide your studies into proper sessions :
If you want to be  a progressive student then you need to be regular in your studies by dividing your studies into proper sessions by giving atleast 2hours in a day apart of your schedule.

2. Planning your studies:
Before you start studying you should make sure that you have planned your studies by setting yourself a time table for the week. But most importantly you have to stick to your time table that you have schedule every week.

3.Be regular in your studies:
You shouldn’t only plan your studies but you have to learn to create consistency and study daily. So that you be prepared for case studies as well as test.

4. Make your own notes:
For better understanding make sure you attend all your subject session held in college so that you make your own notes. So whenever you study it gets easier for you to study them and remember it.

5. Understanding:
Understanding highly about a certain concept of your studies will help you to gain knowledge ans develop your grasping power.

6. Start up with a difficult subject:
Since the most difficult subject will require a lots of efforts and energy you should start with it first. Once you have completed your difficult subject it will be easier for you to complete other subjects and helps you improve your performance.

7. Head points of notes before you start studying:
Before you start studying see to it that you have attended the lectures taking place in your college and you write the headings points of the subjects being thought in college so that it gets simpler for you to do your projects and study for your exams correctly.

8. Keep away all kinds of disturbance:
While you studying try keeping away all the works that distracts your attention. Because when you are disturbed with different activities happening around you, you tend to loose  concentration from your studies and reject studies.

9. Studying in group:
Studying in group for a students is highly beneficial for the students who are struggling with something they don’t understand from that particular concept. It also helps you complete your study work quickly.

10. Revising
Keep in mind that whatever you have studied in the whole week should be revised atleast one day for quick memorization. It also brings in confidence in answering questions and most importantly improves your study habits.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

The Student’s Guide to Late Night Studying

No time to study the whole day long. Here are some alternate solutions to study at night after a stressful day.

1. Prepare yourself mentally for studying:
After the whole days work take a break for something by resting but preparing yourself mentally and physically to study at night.

2. Prepare a cup of coffee or an energy drink:
When you study if you feel you are sleepy consume coffee or some energy drinks which contains caffeine. So that it prevents you from falling asleep. But if you feel you are fresh enough to study then there will be no need for you to consume these drinks at all.

3. Find friends who will accompany you to study.
You should find yourself a friend who will accompany you to study at night on phone or by sms. Although you will have no benefits N loose focus but it help you to remain awake to keep your studies on.

4. Switching of your computer
It is necessary for you to turn off your computer so that you don’t get distracted to play games or don’t get tempted to chat with friends at night on social networking sites.

5. Don’t study on the bed:
The most important step to follow at night is sit on a hard chair or on a study table so that you give your 100% to your studies.  Sitting on bed makes you feel dozy and N lets you to sleep so avoid sitting and studying on the bed.

6. Switch on your room lights
Keep the light of your room switched on so that there is lots of brightness in the room and prevents you from falling asleep. It also helps to see clearly and vanishes the darkness away from you room.

7. Avoid putting all your study works on the table.
See to it that you don’t create a mess of removing all your works at the same time on your study table while you sit to study because looking at the amount of studies your might get tensed and this tension will not allow you to focus on your studies.

8. Keep you stationary by your side.
All the things of stationary required for you to be used in your studies should be kept beside you so that it does not disturb you in your studies or takes away your attendance.

9.  Sit down and study all night:
If we do not get time to study during the day sit all night to study but take breaks after every chapter or brief answers so that your mind gets refreshed to start the next chapter or answer.

10. Take a short nap:
After studying the whole night take a short nap the next day rather lack of sleep might affect your health.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

How To Get Motivated In Your Studies?

Staring at the books makes you fall asleep here are few solutions that will help you how should you motivate and prepare yourself to study in the right way.

Step 1: Place to study.
Find a place for yourself where you be able to study without any disturbance or a lots of unwanted noise.

Step 2: Keep all your stationary besides you.
Pens, pencils,notes,books and all other stationary beside you so that each time you don’t have to get up from you study table to fetch yourself stationary objects that bring lack of concentration in your studies.

Step 3: Wear comfortable clothes.
Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes at the time you study.  Make sure ypu wear something loose that does not help you get suffocated and takes away your concentration.

Step 4: Put off your cell phones.
You need not to attend any calls of your relatives or friends at your study time.
It takes away your concentration and gets you tempted to message your friends.

Step 5: Do not study at the end moment.
Starting your studies one day before your examinations or test wont bring you good results in your academic performance. Make a point of studying regularly without hesitating.

Step 6: Think what you have achieved after studying.
The time when you have completed your studies think about what will benefit you after studying that concept or what you have accomplished by studying that particular subject.

Step 7: Appreciate yourself when you complete your studies.
When you complete your studies appreciate and reward yourself by giving yourself a treat of your favourite desert or going for an outing with family or friends.

Step 8: Keep a bottle of water and snacks.
Water helps you to get refreshed and energized to study more as well as it quenches your thirst. When hungry during studies eat light food stuffs like sandwiches,fresh fruits, as well as fresh veggies etc
Avoid eating heavy food stuffs like pizza, burgers, frankies etc that gets you drowsy and puts you to sleep.

Step 9: Concentrate on what you are studying.
When you study a particular concept you need to give your full attention to it without any distraction and disturbance.

Step 10: Make your study schedule.
Before you began to study schedule your subjects in an orderly way so that it gets easier for you to complete them quickly.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

How To Study For BBA Exams?

According to Newton’s 4th Law of Exams,
   Every book will continue to be at rest or convered with dust until some external or internal exams move it…!         
Disastrous isn’t it…? But exams cannot be rejected. So here are some ways how we can overcome examinations and its fever.

1) Review your syllabus –
When you get to know about your exams plan to revise the whole of your syllabus, put the dates into a calendar that will remind you everyday which subjects you have to revise each day before heading towards your exams.

2) Pay attention in class –
Pay proper attention in class because teacher’s often give hints about important topics. This is the effective way where your bound to complete your exam papers well.

3) Make good notes –
Write down all whatever your teacher write on board or in slides which will help you to make your own good notes.  But, keep note on one thing that you don’t allow yourself to get distracted in class.

4) Ask about the exam format –
Make sure you confirm your exam portion and the format with your professor’s / teacher’s. So that you avoid wasting time on other topics rather than studying important contents and correct topics as well.

5) Turn off the television –
Whenever your with your books to study sit away from the idiot box and turn it off. So that it doesn’t attract you attention for you watching it.

6) Decide if music is right for you or not –
While studying few students like to study hearing music whereas few students like to have complete silence.  It depends on the student whether they choose to hear music or not.

7) Revise your previous test and assignments –
Make sure you revise the test and assignments being held in class to bring good results in your academic performance.

8) Take breaks –
After every brief answer or chapter its necessary for students to take a break so that you get prepared mentally and physically to start studying a new topic.

9) Make studying a part of your habits –
Studying should be made a habit by every student. Students have to remove time from their busy day and give atleast an hour for their studies.

10)Think about your teacher –
When you finished with your studies think about your teacher that what questions she or he can ask in the question papers. Start thinking in the teachers point of view.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

The Student’s Guide to Early Morning Learning

Some students prefer to learn in the mornings and some in the evenings. It depends on the choice of the students what they wish to choose. But the benefits for studying early morning are as follows:-

a) There is lot of silence in your surroundings and this will help you to study without any disturbance.

b) Mentally and physically you are prepared to study a new concept since you are completely fresh after having a good sleep the previous night.

c) You can consume more material of what you study since your mind is fresh and makes your concentration level high.

d) You don’t feel lazy to study because you feel fresh after you have rested enough the previous night.

e) Since your concentration level is high it helps you remember your concept or lessons very well.

f) After studying in the mornings you get free to spent time with you family and friends in the evenings.

g) Studies are done in the mornings because in the evenings your mind gets tired with work and you get tired.

How we have to learn in the morning’s:-

1. Revision
Revise your previous notes so that it gets easier for you to study new notes if they are related to that particular subject Or lesson.

2. Preparing
Prepare yourself for studying the concept which is going to be held in your session so that when that concept you don’t be completely blank on it.

3. Concentration
Whichever subject is taken in hand make sure you to try to complete it without loosing concentration so that it helps you to complete your portion faster.

4. Eat light
Make sure you eat something first but have a light breakfast so that it gives you energy and helps you to focus in what you study.

5. Music
Hearing music totally depends on you just to keep you awake if you have slept late the previous night but it your choice.

6. Set a simple goal
When you study in d morning if you study even for 30 mins or try completing a difficult concept in that 30 mins also has helped you to achieve your goal.


Jovian Ribeiro, aiming to be a good content writer.  Student of First year bms stepped into Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, University

Life Of A Celebrity

Most of us glorify the lives of the “celebrities”. We mistake the glitz and glamour of these personalities with happiness and contentment. Just like the masses, I too, was in awe with the “life of a star”. This mirage, however, shattered after reading about a top female celebrity fighting depression.

After reading more about such other celebrities, I found that these “famous people” missed the “normal life”. Mundane activities like grocery shopping, walking on the beach or eating street food became impossible for them. It became difficult for them to step out in public without having people suffocate them for autographs and photographs. Spending birthdays and festivals with their families became rare due to their shooting schedules all over the world, throughout the year. These celebrities have fans surrounding them everywhere they go, proclaiming their love for them. But what they love about these celebrities is limited to what’s written in the tabloids and shown on screens.

In an exclusive interview about fighting depression, Deepika Padukone said “Being sad and being depressed are two different things. Also, people going through depression don’t look so, while someone sad will look sad. The most common reaction is, ‘How can you be depressed? You have everything going for you. You are the supposed number one heroine and have a plush home, car, movies… What else do you want?’”..  The perception of celebrity life equals happy life is slowly fading. We just fantasize about having an A-lister lifestyle. But do we really need a life where, what we wear and what we speak is scrutinized and blown out of proportions? Being a public figure, doesn’t mean you’re every move should be exposed in the public. Nobody wants to read about their alleged hook ups and break ups displayed on newspaper stands.

Just like the Chinese Ying & Yang, there are good and bad things associated with this lifestyle. ”Normal” or “famous”, we need to learn to be content with what we have. We must stay true to our roots and not let the material things contaminate us.



Tejas Mane, an amateur content writer. A final year BMS student. Reigning Student of the Year of Bhavans College. Jack of all trades, master of none.